Sunday, 25 October 2020
Opinion | Transitions Online

A grandiose waterway scheme has some heavyweight backers, but doubts persist, and a possible Czech government shakeup could scupper it.

Opinion | Romea

Giňa Tabarik discusses how gadje directors or screenwriters, in tandem with Romani actors, promote all the (long outdated!) clichés about Romani people that we see here on TV in the Czech Republic.

Opinion | Transitions Online

Cities in Central and Eastern Europe are becoming promoters of democratic values, even when central governments are acting otherwise.

Opinion | World Politics Review

A recently released biopic about the life of Vaclav Havel wasn't well-received by local critics. Criticisms aside, the film couldn't have arrived in cinemas at a more fitting time. A revival of Havel's legacy is underway among the Czech political class, as a signpost for what the country's political ideals should be and why they have gone astray.

Opinion | Romea

The attention of the inhabitants of the Czech Republic right now is fixed above all on how the Government has failed to control the pandemic, and it appears that Romani people and the problems associated with them are being used to distract attention away from that failure. Of course, this is a very dangerous game to play with a fear that can quite easily grow into hatred.

Opinion | Newsweek

Individual acts of moral and civic courage, whether on the local or international level, are indispensable to the struggle against tyranny. Today, democratic Taiwan faces such a struggle, as mainland China threatens to subvert its freedom.

Opinion | Transitions Online

Crowdfunding is opening new horizons for democracy in the digital age.

Opinion | National Review

. . . and against Beijing and the Kremlin. Meet the mayor of Prague.

Opinion | Foreign Policy

Competition among China, Russia, and the West is taking the form of a battle to build reactors in Eastern Europe.

Opinion | The Washington Post

The Czech Republic proves that the costs of a principled, values-based posture toward China are much smaller than the proponents of Europe's current waffling between talk of "partnership" and "systemic" rivalry.

Opinion | Transitions Online

America's ongoing turmoil doesn't map perfectly onto Czech reality. But there is one shared feature: structural racism, in its symbolic and practical meanings.

Opinion | Romea

Czech Ombudsman Stanislav Křeček is not just ineducable, he is directly erecting barriers out of sheer incompetence.

Opinion |

The Czech Republic as society should be better equipped to truly integrate a disadvantaged minority. So why hasn't it?

Opinion | Transitions Online/DCN

The pandemic has prompted an upswing in Chinese propaganda, but its impact is questionable.

Opinion | Transitions Online

When foreign tourists start streaming into Prague again, they will see something not included in the usual brochures: a new-old monument in the center of Old Town Square, topped with a figure of the Virgin Mary.