When Christmas comes around, I start having panic attacks. What should I buy my children? How can I make sure I don’t have to listen to, “No fair! He got more presents than I did!” Can I help my children be grateful for what they have and not mourn what they don’t? Most importantly, how can my family enjoy Prague’s holiday atmosphere without getting hung up on what to get for whom and where to find it?Continue Reading

The quick shift from mild sunny days to cold rainy ones has left many in the Czech Republic sniffling, coughing and wishing to curl up under the covers and call in sick. If you’ve caught a cold and need to boost your immunity, here’s a few Czech remedies for colds and sniffles that don’t require a doctor’s prescription.Continue Reading

Dr. Klutz is the first to tell you, “Clowning is a serious business.” But take one look at Dr. Klutz, and you’ll know he’s got a few tricks under his trademark brown hat or in one of the magic suitcases he carries on stage. Whether he’s dressed as a clown with a red nose, black glasses and a striped shirt, decked out in a chef’s white apron, or playing the role of the mad professor, Dr. Klutz knows what it takes to make kids laugh. He also knows how to get them speaking English – in sentences, not just words – even kids who say they can’t speak English.Continue Reading