Ladislav Poledna

My name is Ladislav Poledna and I’m a part-time blogger 😎. I publish my stories on mobile marketing that is no longer an innovation but a part of our daily decisions as mobile phones are becoming the main screen in our lives. I started Become Digital in May 2019 and since then I have added over 40 articles. I have built my career around developing successful relationships with customers in multiple industries for the past two decades. Recently, together with my friend, I co-founded Digikupon – a mobile marketing platform that enables businesses to create custom digital content, deliver it to the customers’ mobile wallets, and to show up on their lock screen with brilliant messages in the exact moments they need them.


Thanks to a partnership between Apple and Healthvana, a software platform that delivers test results to patients, residents in Los Angeles can have their vaccination records stored digitally since the end of December. In the Apple Wallet or selected Android wallets. With about 10 million residents, Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the United States. All the vaccines are formally tracked in the government registries anyway. And people are given paper confirmations. This digital vaccination record was made in an attempt to ensure people are alerted by push notification to get their second dose. Because the approved Pfizer or Moderna vaccines require a two-shot dose. This digital record has also the added benefit of being very hardContinue Reading


People spend more time on their mobile phones than on any other device nowadays. Nearly a few hours a day. Mobile phones are always with us and allow us to stay connected, shop, or stay informed. Mobile phones have been becoming the main screen in our lives. That creates an opportunity for smarter marketing. So what’s in it for a start-up or small business? Mobile marketing will help you with increasing sales, generating more traffic, and boosting customer engagement. With a smart mobile marketing strategy, you will have a distinct edge over your competition and reap the benefits of increased sales and brand awareness. However, developing a mobile app would cost you a fortune. Easily more than a hundred thousandContinue Reading


Of course, I am familiar with paper entry tickets that have probably got the number, your logo, and a few other details on them. But that is all that they can, right? And it is hard to sell them online. In one of my last summer articles, I was writing that art galleries might want to come up with something new and find new ways to engage with visitors. Now, it is time to get rid of dull paper entry tickets once and for all and cut through the noise. But people love to buy stuff online, and this is not going to change. They also prefer shopping online for your digital single-entry passes or digital season passes. They canContinue Reading

Mobile marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques. It allows businesses to connect with people through their personal devices. And hence, it has a larger outreach than many other forms of media. These are a few basic tips that will help you to produce the desired results and even beginners can employ them. Be There Having a mobile marketing strategy is about people – your customers. It is about staying current with peoples’ habits. It is about how we now live our lives and have all the information at our fingertips through our mobile phones. It is about how our lives have become centered around mobile phones that are playing the role of cameras, phones, web browsers andContinue Reading

Art and culture institutions face a lot of challenges when it comes to staying connected with their members. The person in charge has to make the list and then drop membership renewal reminders and other important news through email or the old good mail to the members. For Museums, science centers, art galleries, historical societies, zoos, aquariums, etc., running a membership program has always been time-consuming. Particularly when many membership related tasks are done manually. Yes, digital technology has made those tasks easier. However, the most important thing is getting the right digital technology implemented for benefit of both, you as well as your members. Why should paper and plastic membership cards go digital? People spend more time on theirContinue Reading

This story began back in 1996. Geert-Jan Bruinsma, a tech guy with an entrepreneurial spirit, wanted to bring together Dutch travelers and the places they wanted to stay with the help of online booking service. His little start-up grew steadily in its first few years. Therefore, it was acquired by a bigger company nine years later. The successful integration actually helped the new parent company to substantially improve its financial position within a short period of time. has grown from a small start-up to one of the world’s leading digital travel companies. By using the technology that helps take the friction out of travel, they seamlessly connect millions of travelers with places to stay – making it easier forContinue Reading

How many podcasts and blogs are there? Apple said there were over 500 thousand podcasts back in 2018. Podcasting has been continuously on the rise over the past few years and has become one of the most popular channels for content delivery. So currently, the number of podcast shows is over 1.5 million with over 30 million episodes. Blogs have been with us already for 25 years. Justin Hall, considered by many to be the pioneer of blogging, started his online journal back in 1994. And it exists to this day, being one of more than 500 million blogs in the world. Blogs count for about a third of all websites. Considering this, the competition is fierce. Hence, if youContinue Reading