“Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you are right.”  Abraham Lincoln Leave it to someone from very humble beginnings, born and raised in the Midwest United States, who rose to the pinnacle of political power, to draw upon his life experience and come up with a quote that is the essence of common-sense.  Lincoln suffered many defeats before rising to the U.S. presidency, and it was his ability to honestly, objectively reflect on his actions and beliefs that guided him to lead a nation through the greatest moral crisis of its history.  To believe in something is to make a choice—a choice to believe.  Choosing to believe in yourself, is investing in your future.  Sure, some thingsContinue Reading


“No one ever listened their way out of a job.”  Calvin Coolidge Sage advice for those of us who might want to improve our listening skills.  In my work with leaders, I find that one of the most common complaints I hear from subordinates is that they just don’t listen to us.  The leader in question always has the “right” answer and will interrupt or speak over anyone trying to suggest another point of view.  That’s okay, some might say, and because I am the boss, I can do this whenever I want.  True, but…  The problem soon becomes on that the boss cannot talk their way out of.  Why?  Because people will stop trying to offer solutions and theContinue Reading

Petr Plecháč, completing a Ph. D. at Charles University, made world headlines with his analysis of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII. It was long accepted that the play was co-authored by playwright John Fletcher, but Plecháč’s study – using machine learning – analysed word frequency patterns and rhythms to provide further evidence that the play was a collaborative effort. Henry VIII was not written by Shakespeare alone.Continue Reading

Professor emeritus of English Literature Martin Hilský is one of the country’s most prominent translators of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets into Czech. In 2011, his translations were published in a single volume The Complete Works (Dílo). Now, Academia has followed up with Shakespeare’s England: Portrait of an Age. It is a fascinating and extensively researched book that should give readers an even deeper understanding of Shakespeare’s work.Continue Reading