Prague, Czech Republic – 18 March 2022 – A humanitarian mission launched within 24 hours of the conflict breaking out in Ukraine is delivering thousands of boxes of essential items to residents and collecting refugees at the Ukraine/Poland border to bring them to safety in the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland.   Freedom Boxes has been created by Stuart Watkins, who also owns software company Zenoo which is based in Prague. When the conflict began, Stuart, his family, and his team set about to do something to deliver help and provide hope to those affected by the invasion. With Freedom Boxes, the team has created an immediate way to directly help those in need.  The team is made up of peopleContinue Reading


The Prague Monitor has been serving up Czech news in English for almost 20 years and is known as an authoritative, respected source for just that. Cited by the BBC, Sky News, Euro News, the Monitor has a far reaching, loyal and influential readership. In 2019, the current owners acquired the digital newspaper as part of a wider media investment project in Central Europe and set about updating the underlying technology, something that had not been done in the paper’s previous history. Now, sitting on up-to-date tech, the Monitor is an efficient paper to run. Priorities Likely many things, 2020 & COVID prompted some changes and in the case of the current owners, a prioritisation into other projects and activities.Continue Reading