Prague, Jan 21 (CTK) – The Czech democratic left, particularly that part of it that stands closer to the centre, now faces the decision on whether it wants to assume responsibility for its own fate, Erik Tabery writes in weekly Respekt out Monday. He writes that three out of six deputy chairpersons of the senior opposition Social Democrats (CSSD), Marie Benesova, Michal Hasek and Zdenek Skromach, are more loyal to the uncontrolled missile Milos Zeman, former CSSD prime minister, chairman and member, now honorary chairman of the Party of Citizens’ Rights (SPOZ), than to their own chairman Bohuslav Sobotka. If Zeman were elected Czech president in the first direct election run-off on January 25-26, in which he competes with ForeignContinue Reading

Prague, Nov 21 (CTK) – More and more Czechs desire to have their own pond and the state has supported their enthusiasm with with five billion crowns in subsidies because the renaissance of their network is important in suppressing the devastating effects of floods, weekly Respekt out Monday writes. “In 2002 ponds retained more water than all dams during the floods,” Respekt quotes Pavel Vrana, from the Czech fishing Union, as saying. The 17 deaths caused by the 100-year flood and some 250,000 evacuated people prompted authorities to eventually deal with the state of the inherited water network, Respekt writes. It says the Agriculture Ministry has found out that Czech ponds, water reservoirs and rivers are silted up with mudContinue Reading

Prague, Nov 14 (CTK) – Petr Kosiner has succeeded in making and selling the most traditional Czech dish – dumplings, and in the summer he opened the first shop offering exclusively his dumplings of various kind in Prague, the Respekt weekly out Monday writes. It adds that in the past Kosiner did various jobs. He was a waiter, a carpenter, a music teacher, a factory worker and a cook in a sport bar where he spent six years and he was also making his delicious dumplings. At the age of 44, he realised that he would like to start his own business in catering. He chose dumplings since they did not require high initial investments and he could make, distributeContinue Reading