Czech Pirates addressed to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrej Babis a written question about human rights violations in China on August 1rst. Pirate MP Olga Richterová asked PM whether the Government of the Czech Republic complies with the Council of Europe’s Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs in China. “In May, the Pirates, together with Senator Mark Hilser, submitted a bill on transplants that addresses the legal issues of organ transplantation. The government took a negative stance on it,” said Richterová. “The prime minister later stated that China will continue to trade organs of executed prisoners only with the consent of relatives,” she added. A meeting between the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vladimír Bartl andContinue Reading

Following remarks by Czech President Miloš Zeman in which he labelled Romani people lazy and said that ‘slapping them’ is the best way to deal with them, S&D Group spokesperson for Roma issues Soraya Post said: “I condemn this statement and I expect the country’s judiciary to act on this – this is hate speech and racism, and that is against European law. Nobody should express him or herself like this, especially not a president of an EU member state.”Continue Reading