Bratislava, Slovakia, March 29, 2012 – A new socio-economic demographic study of Slovakia’s Piano users finds that Piano’s subscribers are more highly educated and earn higher salaries than the average Slovak Internet user. Piano users are more likely to live in larger cities with more than a third of them living in Slovakia’s two biggest cities, Bratislava and Kosice. Finally, most of Piano’s readers are between 25-44 years old, the demographic with highest income and standard of living. The study was conducted by Gemius SA in December 2011. They interviewed 28,000 Slovak internet users of whom 383 were Piano subscribers. Gemius is the largest online research agency in central and eastern Europe and is dedicated to Internet market research focusingContinue Reading

Bratislava, Slovakia, March 15 , 2012 – Piano Media Slovenia generated more than €26,000 revenue with its online common-payment subscription system after its first month in operation. Slovenia is the second country where the Slovak-based European company has launched its unique online media payment system. Nine publishers put their news and magazine websites into Piano’s system in January 2012 to generate online subscription revenue from Slovenia’s internet-savvy readership. “Piano has proven it can be successful in markets beyond Slovakia,” Piano Media’s Chief Executive Tomáš Bella said. “We are obtaining 37% more revenue per capita in Slovenia than Slovakia.” He noted that the biggest website in Slovenia typically attracts about 300,000 daily readers compared with more than 1.6 million on Slovakia’sContinue Reading

Bratislava, Sept. 12, 2011 – Major Slovak media publishers are upping their content and services behind Piano’s pay-wall just four months after the launch of Piano Media’s subscription-based media content payment system. Publishers are gaining confidence in Piano’s system because of burgeoning subscription revenue and negligible drop-off in all-important advertising-sustaining page views and unique visits. By placing more content and services behind Piano’s pay-wall, publishers want to generate greater revenue and increase the number of Slovak Internet users accessing the system. Thus far Piano’s publishers have seen a good response from Slovakia’s 2 million Internet users and are hopeful many more will sign up to the system with additional paid-content. Currently nine Slovak publishers have more than 34 websites andContinue Reading