Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš suggested scrapping his country’s turn with the EU’s rotating Council presidency because it is a waste of money and nothing more than “blathering with sandwiches,” according to local media. The daily Deník N reported that Babiš told Cabinet ministers in a meeting on Monday that the country’s six months running the presidency of the Council of the EU, in the second half of 2022, would cost a lot of money and bring no benefits, and therefore he suggested they should skip their turn.Continue Reading

Anti-establishment party is now third-largest in national parliament and has high hopes for Brussels. Party officials say they expect to send at least five MEPs to Brussels. This would be five more than they currently have, but not impossible: POLITICO’s projections predict the Pirates would win four seats.Continue Reading

If you were to design a candidate for Czech president who was the exact opposite of incumbent Miloš Zeman, he would look a lot like Jiří Drahoš. With Czechs voting in the first round of a presidential election on Friday and Saturday, polls show that Drahoš, a physical chemist by profession, is the most serious threat to a second term in office for Zeman. The 68-year-old candidate looks professorial and fit and discusses issues in a sober, serious and non-partisan manner.Continue Reading

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka on Wednesday accepted the nomination of former Microsoft executive Ivan Pilný to be the new finance minister. Pilný belongs to the centrist ANO party, the ruling Social Democrats’ coalition partner. He was the head of Microsoft’s Czech operations in the 1990s and now leads the economic affairs committee in the lower house of parliament.Continue Reading