Before the final of the 2014 Czech League of American Football championships (Prague Black Panthers won it 40-0) Prague TV met with American Prague Black Panthers player Kyle Newhall-Caballero to chat with him about the game, life in Prague and how American football is faring in Europe. Kyle, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, signed with the Prague Black Panthers in late December of 2013 and since then has played with the team in both the Czech and Austrian American football leagues. Prior to coming to Prague, Kyle had played American football at Brown University and signed with the Oakland Raiders before taking on a full-time job in cognitive sports training, but came to Prague as he had an itch toContinue Reading

For anyone considering moving abroad, the internet is definitely the most valuable resource there is. There are hundreds of thousands of web pages, videos and blogs dedicated to providing information for would-be expats on their chosen location. Of course, navigating your way through all of this information is a job in itself, so wouldn’t it be easier to find somewhere where all of the necessary stuff is in one place? Especially one where others who have lived in that country, and are from there, could contribute to helpful articles and forums? InterNations is just that. Priding itself on being the largest international online community for people who live and work abroad, the network itself is geared towards expats all aroundContinue Reading