Social Democrats stated that the new tax cut – the abolition of the super-gross wage – will not benefit any citizen in the Czech Republic. The new proposal, which was agreed on by the Chamber of Deputies, cuts the tax rate from 20% to 15% for low and medium-income groups. For high income groups, the tax will increase to 23%. Following the abolition, which is supposed to last two years, most of the citizens’ income will rise significantly. Therefore, if one makes 16000 CZK, his net wage would increase by 825 CZK; if 36000 -by 1845 CZK; if 80000 – by 4080 CZK. According to the calculations, the tax cut will benefit the employees who make under 140,000 CZK whileContinue Reading

The service sector, shops and restaurants will re-open in the Czech Republic on Thursday, 3rd December, the government decided during Sunday’s meeting. The night curfew will be lifted, as well. On the same day, the Czech Republic will downgrade from the fourth to the third level of danger according to PES. “The government has unanimously decided that the Czech Republic will move from level 4 to level 3. The date will be on Thursday next week,” Jan Blatný, the Minister of Health, said, reports. According to the minister, there are more epidemiological improvements to come. “According to the available data and the forecast of our mathematical model, we expect a significant improvement in the epidemiological situation over the nextContinue Reading

Despite the Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlíček and the Minister of Health Jan Blatný being optimistic about the grand re-opening on Monday, there is still a lot uncertainty within the government whether that’d be the right move. The Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and the Minister of the Interior Minister Jan Hamáček do not think the situation looks good yet. It was widely anticipated that the Czech Republic will enter the third degree of PES on Monday, which will mean the re-opening of the restaurants, cafes, services, etc. All these entities would have been able to work with strong regulations. The night curfew would be lifted, as well. Several government representatives already expressed that they are waiting for Monday the 30thContinue Reading

The reproduction number keeps rising in Czechia, eventually reaching the value of 0,96 according to the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic (UZIS). If it rises to 1, the overall risk index will also increase by five points, corresponding to the fourth level of danger according to PES. Experts associate the increase in the R0 number with the overall increase in the proportion of positive tests and newly infected. As such, on Tuesday, 26,33 % of the carried tests came back positive. Different regions remain in the different categories of PES. Prague is in the third category with the value of 47 (corresponding to the third degree of danger) while the Karlovy Vary region’s index roseContinue Reading