The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has asserted that the EU border closures are not that effective against the spread of the Coronavirus. “Available evidence doesn’t support recommending border closures, which will cause significant secondary effects and societal and economic disruption in the EU”, ECDC said.Continue Reading

The number of visa applications submitted at the embassies, consulates and visa centers of the Czech Republic in 2019 has reached 813,000. The majority of the applications, 91%, were for a Schengen Visa. According to the Czech Foreign Ministry report, an increase of 12.7 % has been marked, compared to the previous years.Continue Reading

The number of foreigners that are staying illegally in the Czech Republic has increased, with Ukrainians accounting for the largest national group of illegal stayers. According to the director of the immigration police, Milan Mayer, Ukraine is placed the first, followed by Moldova with 825 stayers, Vietnam with 353 overstayers, Russia with 234 and another 199 citizens from Uzbekistan overstaying their permitted duration of stay in the country.Continue Reading

Czech short-term visa applicants wishing to file an appeal for the rejection of their visa are now subject to an administrative fee. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to make those filing an appeal for the rejection of their visas pay an amount of EUR 60, which same amount is required when applying for a visa.Continue Reading