Czech police say they are analysing a posting on a Web site used by local far right extremists that celebrates the twin attacks in Norway. The text called “The Defense of Anders Breivik,” the suspect in Friday’s attacks that left at least 76 dead, says his actions were understandable because of the rise of multiculturalism in his country. The posting on the White Media Web site claims Breivik “inspired many others who are ready to devote their life to the fight at the end of which Europe will become strong, healthy, clean, vital, prosperous and safe.”Continue Reading

The Czech Republic’s lower chamber of Parliament has approved health care and pension reforms that are opposed by the left-wing opposition and labor unions. Tuesday’s 105-73 vote supports an increase in the fee charged to people who are hospitalised and also would require patients to pay for many drugs they are given. The opposition Social Democrats say they plan to challenge this reform through the Constitutional Court.Continue Reading