The Transport Ministry and Czech Technical University (ČVUT) are launching a project to identify aggression and recklessness on the roads. Cameras installed inside passenger cars, buses and trucks will monitor other drivers. The recordings might even be used by police to investigate offences or crime. Czech roads will be monitored by volunteers in 10 vehicles. “We picked busy routes around the country. The cameras will be installed inside the vehicles of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences and other contractual partners. The recordings will then be evaluated by experts by the end of the year,” Zuzana Lisá from BESIP, author of the project, told Tý Acquired recordings might not be used for scientific purposes only. According to Leoš Tržil, the headContinue Reading

Czechs who travel for legal joints to the Netherlands can paradoxically get weed originating in the Czech Republic. Holland is one of the destinations of marihuana from west Bohemian illegal indoor farms. Business with this dried herb is definitely not on decline in the Czech Republic. On the contrary, in the first eight months of the year policemen revealed 45 secret indoor farms. “Marihuana is exported mainly to Holland, Great Britain and logically also to Germany, and little amount stays on the Czech market,” said Marek Blažejovský from the National Anti-drug Centre. “The paradox is that when Czech consumers go for pot to Holland, they often buy marihuana that is produced from hemp grown in the Czech Republic,” Blažejovský said.Continue Reading