Another day of COVID-19 restrictions, another business owner’s life work destroyed; CrossCafe, a Czech coffee chain with locations in most of the major cities, is closing all five of its Prague locations indefinitely.  In a company statement, CrossCafe says that the restrictions have limited the functioning of their business to the point where it’s impossible to operate anymore.  “The measures taken by the Czech government for almost a year now in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, which limits the normal functioning of the entire hospitality/restaurants/catering sector including CrossCafes, is the main reason we have to close our five Prague locations.” The statement goes on to mention said that it has lost virtually all of its target customers because of theContinue Reading

Česká pošta has been pushed to their full capacity, breaking a personal record of having over 1.1 million packages in their possession, the most in their history and more than double than last year because of the pandemic-induced online shopping trend.  According to spokesman Ivo Vysoudil, the state-owned delivery service has at least 1,128,805 in their possession, up from roughly 500,000 from 2019, forcing them to hire more part-time deliverymen.  Vysoudil says that while there may be the odd delay from the overwhelming demand, for the most part, everything should be smooth sailing as they continue to score high success rates with their deliveries. “As far as delivery of packages go, we’re approaching the maximum capacity that our systems allowContinue Reading