Did you know the father of all modern, western education was a Czech? Jan Amos Komenský (anglified as John Amos Comenius) was one of the earliest proponents of universal education, and introduced foundational concepts like illustrated textbooks, teaching in native languages rather than Latin, and more progressive, logic based thinking instead of plain memorization. He also pioneered social justice issues in regards to education, advocating for education for poor children, women, and disenfranchised people. Born in Moravia in 1592, Komenský spent the first half of his life involved with the church during the religious wars, and wrote influential writings spiritual writings that made him famous throughout Europe.  As a prominent protestant figure, Komenský was sent into exile after the war,Continue Reading

The Baťa shoe company is one of the most famous and successful Czech businesses in the world. In large part thanks to its rapid international expansion during the interwar era, which was based around copy-pasting the successful company model abroad through the sending out of special core teams made up of Czech Baťa employees. But how did this work in practice? Jan Beránek has written a book which traces the life of his ancestor Silvestr Němec, who was one of the so-called Baťamen sent to Singapore in the 1930s.Continue Reading