Over the summer, protests against tourism took place in Spain, and people in Venice complained that giant tour ships were causing the city to be overrun. The anti-tourism sentiment has spread to Prague, at least according to US-based news channel CNN. But the evidence they give is a bit questionable.Continue Reading

Prague, Aug 29 (CTK) – Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) are of the view that ANO leader Andrej Babis’ criminal prosecution is an obstacle to cooperation with the party, but most Social Democrat leaders are ready to form a coalition with it after the October election, daily Pravo writes today. The daily asked some Social Democrats featuring on the top of their lists of candidates for the autumn election two questions: Is ANO a possible coalition partner in the post-election period? Would the CSSD be opposed to a government that would include Babis, who is facing criminal prosecution? All the asked senior Social Democrats replied “yes” to the first question. They argue that the coalition government with ANO [and also ChristianContinue Reading

Prague, Aug 29 (CTK) – It is not necessary to check Muslim spiritual leaders, imams, in the Czech Republic over whether they may be radicals who might incite Muslims to hatred and terror, daily Pravo writes today, citing the replies from the Islamic community and security forces. The community of Czech Muslims, who practice their religion in two mosques and a few prayer houses, is so small that they all know one another, Pravo writes. In addition, there are only two imams in the Czech Republic. In Spain, Islam is claimed by roughly two million people, while in the Czech Republic, the official number is about 4,000, it adds. However, the figure differs from sociological surveys saying that maybe asContinue Reading

Prague, Aug 29 (CTK) – Britain’s decision to leave the EU has not affected the bilateral relations between Prague and London, although the Czech embassy saw some cases of Britons’ animosity to Czechs after the referendum last year, Czech ambassador to Britain Libor Secka told CTK today. “I do not see any clearly visible signals of the impact (of Brexit on Czech-British relations) at the moment,” Secka said. When it comes to the evaluation of the economic impact, one has to wait for the trade balance sheet for this year, he added. “As far as the feelings are concerned, students may be deliberating more than before whether to go to Britain,” Secka said. The embassy saw some signs of Britons’Continue Reading

Prague, Aug 29 (CTK) – Businessman Hima Aboubakar from Niger can again freely handle the three flats he owns in Prague, which the Czech police sealed at the beginning of the year over his suspected overpriced arms purchases for the military in Nigeria, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes today. Nigeria, which asked for the sealing of the flats worth about 50 million crowns, refused to take them over, the paper writes. Neither the Czech Supreme State Attorney’s Office nor the Czech police centre fighting organised crime (NCOZ) were willing to comment on the case, MfD writes. According to the rules of international judicial cooperation, the Nigerian prosecutors was obliged to send a report on the charges filed against AboubakarContinue Reading

Prague, Aug 29 (CTK) – Czech donors collected money for the purchase of 144 goats and 35 pigs for the poorest families and orphans in Rwanda within the summer fund-raising campaign of the Czech representation of the +UNICEF, organiser Miroslav Ledvinka told journalists today. They also sponsored a community savings project for the startups of local women, Ledvinka said. During the 45 days of the campaign, 237 donors managed to collect 253,785 crowns, which is 100,000 crowns more than the original target sum, Ledvinka said. It was necessary to send 905 crowns for a goat, while one piglet cost roughly twice the sum. “The purchase of a goat or pig was the most popular affair for the donors. Almost three-quartersContinue Reading