Prague, Sept 7 (CTK) – An unlawful interference in a suspect’s communication with his defence lawyer occurred in the case of Shahram Abdullah Zadeh, a Czech-Iranian businessman, since its transcription was part of the investigation file, the lower house commission for the supervision of police wiretappings stated yesterday. Unlike the police, the state attorney’s office has not drawn responsibility for the mistake so far, the commission’s head Daniel Korte told journalists. Zadeh is suspected of a huge tax evasion. In separate proceedings, he has been charged with influencing witnesses.The commission dealt with the latter case’s circumstances. It stated that the supervising state attorney, when proposing that a court extend Zadeh’s stay in custody in March, submitted documents including the transcribedContinue Reading

Brno, Sept 7 (CTK) – The Czech ombudsman’s cooperation with the government has been good but has not been that smooth with parliament, while in Slovakia, the situation is different and the ombudsman has problem promoting his proposals, the two ombudsmen, Anna Sabatova and Marian Torok, said yesterday. They talked to journalists after a meeting of ombudsmen from the countries of the Visegrad Four Group (V4), which also includes Hungary and Poland. “We have got a very good communication with the ministries and we have succeeded in pushing through a number of systemic recommendations. As far as the government is concerned, I haven’t got any bad experience. As regards the parliament, some MPs seem to miscomprehend the role of theContinue Reading

A total of 493 million contactless transactions in the volume of CZK 280.73bn were conducted in the Czech Republic in 2016. The Czech Republic saw nearly 115,000 payment terminals designed also for contactless payments as of the end of 2016. An average contactless payment totalled CZK 570. This means that the Czech Republic is at the top of European statistics in the use of contactless payments. The information stems from a survey conducted by agency SC&C for the Czech Banking Association (ÈBA). Source: www.cianews.czContinue Reading

Group CTP has decided to sell part of its secondary retail assets from the Central European portfolio to DMO Invest. The transaction represents an investment in the amount of EUR 40m. The sale applies to the holding company CT Retail, which serves as an umbrella for 19 retail properties including supermarkets in the Czech Republic. CTP was advised by JK Advisory. The decision confirms the decision of the group to focus more on the development and administration of its industrial areas. CTP plans to extend the current portfolio of CTParks to 5 million m2 by 2018. Source: www.cianews.czContinue Reading

The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) will invest CZK 8.4bn in the maintenance and repairs of train stations in years 2017-2022. The company will run construction work at over one hundred of train station buildings every year. SŽDC also plans to prepare total modernisation projects for 50 train stations every year. According to Tomáš Drmola, the deputy head for property management, the company will partially repair nearly 400 train stations in five years. SŽDC will also completely renovate 160 train stations in the period. The modernisation of the Prague Main Station for CZK 945m is scheduled for the year 2019. Source: www.cianews.czContinue Reading