Twenty-five kilometres north of the tall grey apartment complexes and graffiti-stained streets of Brno is the Moravian Karst, which offers 100 sq km of caves and underground trails. On a sunny Saturday in April, 20 of my classmates from New York University in Prague and I took a trip to the caves, attracted by the excitement of exploring the depths of the great unknown. This was not my first experience spelunking, as true cave explorers call it. About two hours from my native New Jersey, Howe Caverns, located in upstate New York, are the Empire State’s equivalent of the greater Brno caverns. When I was younger, I used to call it Howe Taverns, which might be a more acceptable termContinue Reading

Prague, July 7 (CTK) – Foreigners staying in the Czech Republic illegally will be able to join a project of voluntary returns home as from September, Hana Mala, from the Interior Ministry press department, told CTK Tuesday. The ministry will start an information campaign at the turn of July and August, Mala said. Until now only foreigners with a residence permit who have lost work in the country due to the economic crisis have been able to make use of the offer. Mala said the illegally staying foreigners will not be punished if they join the prepared one-off campaign. Unlike returning foreigners with a residence permit, the foreigners staying illegally in the country will not receive any financial bonus toContinue Reading