Luxurious villa measuring about 1105 m² in Prague’s district of Bubeneč is reported to be for sale by a number of Russian outlets. The price is estimated at half a billion CZK, making it the most expensive house in the Czech Republic. The villa has already made it to magazine as the priciest villa in the country. It is owned by Julija Romanenko – the wife of Dmitry Romanenko, the ex-representative of the Russian branch-company Lukoil Aviation Czech. It was designed by Clive Christian, a very well-known British designer. In case you are interested in the purchase (we are very jealous of you!) or are curious to know more about the interior, here are some of the details. TheContinue Reading

A Prague resident would need to spend 14.2 years’ salary for a medium-size apartment (70 square metres), if having no other expenses, according to a new study based on statistics compiled by three leading property developers. The average price of a new flat sold in the Czech capital has risen by 88% since mid-2015, but by just 1.6% in the past year, to CZK 106,392 per square metre.Continue Reading

The travel ban instituted due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic has had an effect on the prices of rent within Prague, with some owners of Airbnb properties offering their flats for long-term rent instead. A wider impact on property prices is also possible, some experts say. In order to stimulate the housing market, the finance minister has proposed the cancellation of the real estate transfer tax.Continue Reading

Living near the Prague metro makes life convenient, but buying flats located neat the stops can be a bit expensive. The cheapest flats were at Černý Most while the most expensive were at Staroměstská. And while prices are rising, the growth rate has slowed down, according to, a site that tracks real estate prices. But the gap between prices in the center and at the edge has been closing.Continue Reading

Radovan Vitek, the third richest Czech, has bought over 6% of real estate developer and investor Globalworth, the largest owner of office buildings in Romania that is also active on the Polish market. The Czech investor, who operates through his company CPI Property Group (CPIPG), paid almost EUR 130 million for just over 6% of Globalworth.Continue Reading