Are you craving authentic tacos, craft burgers, or maybe some mouthful burritos? We got your back, no worries! Check out the food truck festival happening this weekend! What is the Food Truck festival? The Food Truck Festival is a beautiful opportunity for everyone to spend a warm summer evening with friends or acquaintances while sampling Mexican cuisine. You can taste such dishes as tacos, quesadillas, burgers, and other authentic examples during the festival. As for drinks, a great variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available. Where & when?  Výstaviště Praha is the official organizer of the event, and it is the place where it will be held during the weekend! The event will be held in an open-airContinue Reading

Pasta Oner is back to Prague gallery after four years to beat the success of the Art is Truth exhibit in DSC Gallery 2017. The artist known for his mural arts around Czech Republic and pop-art cartoon aesthetic presents The 20th Century Cabinet solo exhibit in the spacious rooms of a historical villa in Prague 6. The exhibit is inspired by the nostalgia of the ‘golden 90s era’ and the passage to the new century of rapidly developing capitalism. Through his works Pasta Oner comments on the epoch of consumerism and modern society using the unique style, unambiguous symbolism and experimenting with various materials. The artist draws a parallel with a Cabinet of Curiosities (German Wunderkammer), the remarkable rare objectsContinue Reading

Set in the aftermath of the Cold War, it is difficult for Andy to know who he can trust. LONDON, UK: Olympia Publishers announces the release of B.V. Mays’ newbook, thriller and spy adventure, CONTRACTOR. Based on real events, this Cold War adventurestory is set in Poland and post-Soviet Union Russia. B.V. Mays’ stories are based on twenty years of experience in Eastern Europe. Living there at atime of economic and political transition, he was a senior executive for several multi-nationals anddid contract work out of the US Embassy in Warsaw, Poland. He divides his time now betweenEurope and the United States. ( Womaniser, Andy Gold, is an American living in Poland who has taken on ‘spy work’ for theContinue Reading

The birth of nations has historically come in regional clusters. An empire falls, an ideology accelerates, or an economic success allows some to marvel in philosophy. Prior to, during and after WWI, all of the factors were taking place in Central and Eastern Europe and as war dragged on, the question of nations built on languages and national identities found support. Sadly, these amazingly difficult and liberating times have always laid in the shadows of the atrocities committed during the follow-up war, WWII. It took until the fall of the Soviet Union for much of the world to realize that there are great civilizations, countries and ancient empires hidden behind the great walls and iron curtains erected under the flagContinue Reading

Prague/Amsterdam, April 28, 2021 – Adyen supports Manifesto, an end-to-end solution food hall and ghost kitchen brand, in creating a personalized and more customer-oriented payments experience in restaurants. Manifesto, the food hall innovation leader, is switching to a new payment solution. All the company’s in-market and online payments will now be managed by Adyen, the payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies. Manifesto is one of the first fully cashless gastronomic experiences and plans to operate in 4 countries in the near future. Amsterdam-based Adyen was chosen by Manifesto due to its ability to open the potential for personalized interactions with the customers based on their preferences. Adyen provides a 360 cutting-edge payments infrastructure: e.g. cashlessContinue Reading


Imagine picking up your phone and hearing a voice on the other side saying: “Hello, this is artificial intelligence. My name is Jakub, and I have a tailor-made job offer for you.” It sounds like a sci-fi movie scenario, right? It has become a reality in the Czech Republic. A team of experts from Born Digital created the first-ever Czech-speaking automated assistant for HR tasks.  While artificial intelligence in the recruitment field is not an unusual phenomenon globally, this message represents a significant leap forward in the Czech Republic. Jakub, the automated AI recruiter, is the very first Czech voice bot that can actively address candidates with job offers fitting their experiences and skills. In February, he started his full-timeContinue Reading


Paintball meets laser tag in virtual reality! Join the first online Tower Tag tournament presented by Torch VR from its flagship VR Play Park, Prague’s newest and largest virtual reality theme park. The tournament will take place over seven days in February, with the finals on Saturday the 26th. Tower Tag is currently the most popular VR eSports competition in the world with more than 10 million plays! The MIX CUP will be broadcast on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook and will bring together players from all over the world! MIX CUP – FIRST OF ITS KIND – TOURNAMENT The tournament format is totally new, with matches between teams of two players paired-up based on their experience level. Each team, formedContinue Reading