The Czech Republic follows neighbouring Austria and Germany in a move towards more humane conditions for the farming of chickens. An amendment to the animal welfare law has been approved by the Czech Senate. The new law will ban the cage-farming of chickens from 2027. Agriculture Minister Miroslav Toman had argued that such a ban should first be passed by the EU.Continue Reading

New anti-Covid 19 regulations have shed light on the unequal footing of civil partnerships for LGBTQ+ couples in CZ, compared to marriage. The new measures allow weddings to continue even under the state of emergency, while registered partnership ceremonies are only permitted “if urgent”, such as in the case of the imminent death of one of the partners.Continue Reading

A new limit on the number of customers allowed in stores will apply from Wednesday, with no more than one person allowed per 15 square meters. However, shops will now stay open longer, until 9pm. The government has also approved another 30-day extension of the state of emergency, until December 20, which needs to be approved by the Parliament this week.Continue Reading