At the City of Prague Museum, special attention is being paid to one of the largest minority populations in the Czech Republic, with a focus on culture, an element that has been largely out of view despite the population’s great influence on the city’s recent history.Continue Reading

Until recently Vladimíra Dvořáková was known mainly as a political scientist. Now the nation knows her especially as that courageous woman who disclosed corruption at the Law Faculty of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň and even said that there are mafia structures dealing with university degrees.Continue Reading

The latest figures from the Czech Statistical Office show a continuing trend of declining arrival tourism caused by the overall economic slump in past months but this—according to heads of regional promotional organization České Švýcarsko—doesn’t apply to the Czech Switzerland National Park in North Bohemia.Continue Reading

The Czech national debt is rising to astronomical heights, while in 1993 the country did not pay a single crown to service its debt. Unsurprisingly, the largest parliamentary parties—the Social Democrats to the left and the Civic Democrats to the right, are blaming each other as to who is responsible.Continue Reading