A total of CZK 10bn was collected thanks to the electronic toll system from operators of trucks and buses in 2017. The information was confirmed for ČIANEWS by David Šimoník, the spokesman for Czech toll system operator Kapsch Telematic Services. The figure is as of December 12, 2017. The sum increased approximately 5% y/y. The system will generate roughly CZK 400m by the end of the year. The toll totalled CZK 960m in November 2017.Continue Reading

Unipetrol has made public the board of directors’ position and PKN ORLEN’s voluntary public proposal for the buyout of Unipetrol listed at the Prague Stock Exchange. The board of directors has not detected any inconsistencies between the offer’s terms and Unipetrol’s interests. The offered price of CZK 380 per share is a bonus of 2.7% against the closing price from December 11, 2017 (CZK 370). PKN ORLEN has entrusted Česká Spořitelna to represent it in the offer acceptance process and stock transfer settlement. PKN ORLEN aims to rase its effect Unipetrol and consider delisting the stock from Prague Stock Exchange and pursuing minority shareholder squeeze-out. PKN owns 62.99% stake in Unipetrol.Continue Reading

E.ON Distribuce annually invests over CZK 3bn in the renovation and development of the distribution system in South Bohemia, South Moravia, Vysočina, Zlín Region and Olomouc Region. It will invest a similar sum also in the future if the regulation framework does not change significantly. The information was provided to ČIANEWS by E.ON Česká republika spokesman Vladimír Vácha. According to his words, E.ON Distribuce supplies electricity to 2,773,311 people. The length of lines on all levels reaches 63,800 km with 87 transformers.Continue Reading

In December 2017, the overall confidence in national economy in the Czech Republic increased. The overall confidence indicator, expressed in a basis-point index, grew 0.6 points to 99.6 compared to November 2017. Consumers’ mood reached 110 (-0.3 points). These figures stem from a cyclical survey conducted by the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ), from which it also appears that in a year-on-year comparison, the overall confidence, entrepreneurs’ confidence and consumers’ confidence indicators were higher.Continue Reading

Všeobecná Zdravotní Pojišťovna České Republiky (VZP) plans to increase healthcare expenditure by CZK 11bn on the year to CZK 171.6bn in 2018. The highest increase will occur in inpatient segments, by CZK 8.1bn to CZK 96.6bn, of which CZK 88bn will be directed to hospitals. For outpatient medical care providers, an increase in reimbursements by CZK 1.6bn to CZK 41.9bn is planned. This information was provided to ČIANEWS by Lucie Krausová from the press department. She added that more money was allotted for other segments in the budget as well. For instance, costs related to prescription medication should grow 2.3% to CZK 21.6bn, while costs related to medical aids issued via vouchers should be 4.2% higher and total almost CZKContinue Reading

The manufacturer of automotive glazing and auxiliary components AGC Automotive Czech will invest approximately CZK 350m in the year 2018, in automation and robotisation of production, modernisation of windscreen production and further improvement of the social background for employees. ČIANEWS has been told this by general manager Luděk Steklý, who added that the company invests approximately CZK 250m annually. In the past six years, it has been a total of CZK 1.5bn. In the year 2017, investments reached CZK 400m, out of which CZK 180m went into a new production hall for processing side windows for cars. AGC is currently employing nearly 2,500 people in Chudeřice in the district of Teplice.Continue Reading

The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic (MF) predicts a decrease of the share of the state debt of the Czech Republic to GDP from 33.8% in 2016 to 32.4% in 2017. The ministry intends to continue in the trend also in 2018, when it predicts a decrease to 31.4%. The total requirement for funding in 2018 reaches CZK 351.6bn including the approved state budget gap in the amount of CZK 50.0bn. The ministry plans to cover the requirement by an issue of state bonds with maturity periods exceeding 5 years. Issues of mid-term and long-term state bonds on the domestic market are planned in a total nominal value of at least CZK 150bn.Continue Reading

Sev.en Group will invest CZK 1bn in mine Vršany in 2018. The company will relocate supply networks from so-called Hořanský corridor. The area is necessary for the continuation of the coal extraction in the mine. It has been prepared for several years. According to company spokeswoman Gabriela Sáričková Benešová, the company focuses on an efficient extraction of the remaining reserve of coal at the mining locality ČSA. The company will invest tens of millions of CZK there, primarily in the new managing system for the coal adjustment nit in Komořany.Continue Reading

The company Bosch v ČR plans to invest CZK 2.2bn in its České Budějovice-based production plant by 2020. Some CZK 900m will be invested in the research centre extension, laboratories and testing technology. The remaining part of the money will be invested in the extension of a hall for the production of systems DNOX reducing emission emitted by cars and trucks.Continue Reading

The volume of real estate investments in 2017 will show the second highest figure in history and will be close to the threshold of EUR 3.3bn. This stems from data provided by CBRE, who currently monitors over 40 transactions in the total volume reaching EUR 2.4bn. The transactions will likely be closed in 2018. The net realised demand for administrative premises will exceed 300,000 m2. The demand for logistics properties will again attack the threshold of 900,000 m2. The highest reached rent in retail will show the highest growth among all sectors of commercial properties (3.7% in 2018).Continue Reading