Patrik Lakatoš, a Czech citizen of Romani origin who lives in Kent, England and makes his living as a barber, decided to take advantage of the power of the Facebook social network for an idea of his own. He began to disseminate a challenge among his friends to draw attention to the lives of homeless people and to aid them.Continue Reading

The Security Information Service (BIS) and the National Headquarters against Organized Crime have detected and disrupted a network in the Czech Republic that was created by the Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia’s intelligence operation. Speaking at a security conference in the lower house last week, BIS director Michal Koudelka informed Czech legislators of the achievement.Continue Reading

Anonymity online is frequently not what it seems, and those who post hateful content have to know that they can be tracked and held accountable for it, according to Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman, who spoke at a conference about “Hatred on the Internet” on Wednesday. Zeman said Romani people continue to be the most frequent targets of hateful prejudice on the Czech Internet.Continue Reading

On Monday, the Museum of Romani Culture announced the architectural and landscaping competition to design the Memorial to the Holocaust of the Roma at Lety in the Písek district, where a concentration camp for Romani people was in operation during the Second World War. The winner of the competition should be known in May of next year.Continue Reading

Last year an estimated 830 locations existed that meet the definition of impoverished apartment complexes, streets or entire neighborhoods in the Czech Republic, and more than 127 000 people live in such ghettos. Those are the findings of the Report on the State of the Romani Minority in the Czech Republic for last year.Continue Reading

News server reports that a court in Teplice, Czech Republic has fined and put on probation a man and a woman who made insults and threats against passers-by in July 2018 in Šanov Park because they believed they were Muslims. The court ordered the sentence on the basis of the case file without holding a hearing.Continue Reading

Roma Pride 2019 was held on Sunday, 6 October in Prague at the Church of Saint Martin in the Wall. Unlike in previous years, a march through the city was not held, but there was a cultural program and discussion entitled “We Are All Romani”. ROMEA TV, the first online television station in the Czech Republic with Romani content, broadcast the opening events live online.Continue Reading

The Czech Government Council for Non-State, Non-Profit Organizations met to discuss the Czech state’s policy toward non-state, non-profit organizations as it is running from 2015-2020. The most anticipated point of discussion was the rules for co-financing the European Structural and Investment Funds (including the European Social Fund) subsidies for 2021-2027.Continue Reading