Imagine going on your first health check with your new GP. You enter the office from the waiting room, and a robot in a white coat sits behind the desk. This shiny robot will introduce itself as the most modern healthcare artificial intelligence solution, and while you are shocked and unable to react, it will start investigating your health condition. That sounds like a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? And also, that it is! Although artificial intelligence already stands as a significant help for doctors, it is still used in places other than GPs’ chairs and offices. Artificial intelligence in today’s healthcare rarely takes the form that people would probably imagine. Instead of robot bodies, it hides in a variety ofContinue Reading

To save a human life, it is not needed to be a superhero who sacrifices his whole life to help others. Regular blood plasma donating takes only a few hours a month and has the same effect. In addition, artificial intelligence will now provide all the necessary information about donations to the interested people on the website of the sanaplasma donor centers.  How is the collection of blood plasma? Who do the drugs made from it help, and what conditions must donors meet? These and many other questions regarding blood plasma donation will be answered by the new public, a new digital assistant of the company sanaplasma, which operates donor centers in the Czech Republic. It is one of the first solutions of its kind.  One of the first of its kind  The technology for sanaplasma in the form of a clever chatbot was developed by the Czech-Slovak startup Born Digital, which focuses on digitizing contact centers in cooperation with QUANTIMA company. The main task of the solution is to provide all the information about the collection of blood plasma to thoseContinue Reading

Gone are the days when a call to a company helpdesk provided you with direct contact with an operator or other live employee. Their places in companies’ contact and call centers are now occupied by technological solutions that save companies costs and staff capacity. With such a phone call, you will most often encounter the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system today. Or, if you are more fortunate, a quicker and friendlier AI voicebot. But what are its benefits, and why you don’t have to worry about talking to artificial intelligence? Is it a robot, or is it a person? But what exactly is a smart voicebot? It is a solution that uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learningContinue Reading

The past year has revealed how easy it is to catch even the most modern and developed societies unprepared. The coronavirus epidemic, which has spread around the world, is an unprecedented situation for a globalized world. And artificial intelligence proved to be a useful aid in mastering it. In addition to tracing infected people or combating misinformation, another of AI’s strengths has come to light – its use in vaccine development and clinical drug trials. The use of AI in clinical trials has been worked on for many years. However, it is the threat of coronavirus that could accelerate its involvement in drug development. Thanks to it, scientists and doctors have an enormous amount of data at their disposal, whichContinue Reading


There are various ideas about what artificial intelligence can do and where it can be used. In connection with AI, people often imagine a variety of IT industries detached from everyday life, and some even fear that AI will take control in the future and starts hurting people. But the opposite is closer to the truth so far. Artificial intelligence is much more advanced in protecting human life and safety. AI already helps human safety in a variety of industries. For example, it cooperates with healthcare professionals to help determine a patient’s diagnosis and treatment. During that, it relies on an enormous amount of data that the human brain would hardly remember.  Artificial intelligence also protects human lives in criminology.Continue Reading


Imagine having an important online meeting ahead, and the internet isn’t working. As you call customer support, the voice that picks up the phone introduces itself as a robotic assistant. You might get hesitant if your issue can be solved anytime soon. The robot, however, quickly understands your problem and provides clear instructions on how to restart the router. No repetition and unnecessary questions needed. Everything works just fine in a few minutes. This is exactly how the call centres and technical helpdesks might look in near the future. In some parts of the world, digital voice assistants and voice bots are a common part of the call centre structure. This trend is slowly coming into the Czech Republic too.Continue Reading


Imagine picking up your phone and hearing a voice on the other side saying: “Hello, this is artificial intelligence. My name is Jakub, and I have a tailor-made job offer for you.” It sounds like a sci-fi movie scenario, right? It has become a reality in the Czech Republic. A team of experts from Born Digital created the first-ever Czech-speaking automated assistant for HR tasks.  While artificial intelligence in the recruitment field is not an unusual phenomenon globally, this message represents a significant leap forward in the Czech Republic. Jakub, the automated AI recruiter, is the very first Czech voice bot that can actively address candidates with job offers fitting their experiences and skills. In February, he started his full-timeContinue Reading