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“Hello, robot speaking.” New Czech AI recruiter proposing job opportunities

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Imagine picking up your phone and hearing a voice on the other side saying: “Hello, this is artificial intelligence. My name is Jakub, and I have a tailor-made job offer for you.”

It sounds like a sci-fi movie scenario, right? It has become a reality in the Czech Republic. A team of experts from Born Digital created the first-ever Czech-speaking automated assistant for HR tasks. 

While artificial intelligence in the recruitment field is not an unusual phenomenon globally, this message represents a significant leap forward in the Czech Republic. Jakub, the automated AI recruiter, is the very first Czech voice bot that can actively address candidates with job offers fitting their experiences and skills. In February, he started his full-time job alongside his human colleagues from the CoolPeople personnel agency.

Making the first step

And he stands in the front line of their workplace without any hesitation. Jakub is the first to contact potential candidates to see if they would be interested in the job opportunity. He contacts preselected candidates from the CoolPeople database and addresses them with a preposition fitting their profile and specialization.

What will such a call look like? Jakub starts by briefly introducing the position and asking about the candidate’s preliminary interest. The virtual assistant will also be able to answer various questions such as the employment type, salary, or the possibility of working remotely. After the first round of calls, Jakub will pass the interested candidates’ profiles to his human colleagues. “Thanks to this automated process, CoolPeople human recruiters receive a pre-filtered list of potential job candidates. This will significantly speed up the whole process of finding an ideal employee for interesting job offers,” says the director of Born Digital Tomáš Malovec.

“Press number one…” Nevermore

Jakub is nothing like the well-known IVR (Interactive voice response) automata. The quality of the service and the user-friendliness of the virtual voice assistant equipped with artificial intelligence are incomparable. “Press number one to agree. Press number two to repeat the question…” You will never have to listen to that unnatural robotic voice again, as Jakub speaks with a pleasant and fluent synthetic voice. Thanks to the Born Digital technologies of natural language processing and machine learning, Jakub can process conversation with potential job candidates in an amicable and human-like fashion. 

One of the biggest differences between the IVR and AI virtual assistant is its ability to fluently respond to open questions and ask for more additional information if needed. “Jakub is prepared to solve various situations that could happen during the conversation. If he really doesn’t understand, he admits that without hesitation and asks for repetition in simpler words. We wanted him to reply in the same way as a human, who doesn’t understand another person, would,” explains Malovec. 

Jakub’s back is covered by his colleagues

Even a virtual assistant can get into situations where it does not know what to do next. Still, it won’t just give up. When Jakub concludes he cannot acknowledge all the necessary information, or when the questions are beyond his capabilities, he will refer the potential candidate to a specific human colleague. The referred person will then take care of the ongoing communication.

Since the beginning of February, Jakub works for CoolPeople in kind of a probationary period. During the last few weeks, he had already managed to reach several hundred candidates successfully. So if your name is in the CoolPeople database, you better watch out. The virtual HR assistant Jakub may contact you!

Where did Jakub come from?

But who are the creators of Jakub? Born Digital is a young Czech startup established in 2019 after the firm separated from a parent company GoodAI. Their team of 20+ people focuses on the automation of human conversation with AI-driven technologies while developing various chatbots and voice bots to help their clients with digital transformation. Born Digital provides their own AI technology focused on the Czech and Slovak languages. However, they progressively continue to grow and expand to different countries and languages.

You can encounter Born Digital technologies in everyday practice when calling your phone operator, bank, or energies distributor. Their voice assistants, similar to Jakub, handle thousands of calls daily. As for today, they have served more than 2,5 million calls. 

Check out Born Digital here.

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