Prague/Amsterdam, April 28, 2021 – Adyen supports Manifesto, an end-to-end solution food hall and ghost kitchen brand, in creating a personalized and more customer-oriented payments experience in restaurants. Manifesto, the food hall innovation leader, is switching to a new payment solution. All the company’s in-market and online payments will now be managed by Adyen, the payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies. Manifesto is one of the first fully cashless gastronomic experiences and plans to operate in 4 countries in the near future. Amsterdam-based Adyen was chosen by Manifesto due to its ability to open the potential for personalized interactions with the customers based on their preferences. Adyen provides a 360 cutting-edge payments infrastructure: e.g. cashlessContinue Reading

Industrial Research Forum Announces Industrial Market Figures for Q1 2021 • Covid-19 has not significantly affected the industrial sector in the 1st quarter, although it has contributed to the faster growth of e-commerce and mail order services • New supply during Q1 2021 has decreased by 57% compared to the 5-year Q1 average • Approximately half of the space currently under construction is in the Greater Prague, Pilsen and Moravia-Silesia regions • In the 1st quarter, a record volume of contracts was concluded totalling 3/4 million sq m of industrial space, more than a third were new leases • Vacancy dropped by 61 basis points compared to the previous quarter and is currently in line with vacancy seen in Q1Continue Reading

UNYP to host public webinar on fake news and COVID-19: Inoculating the Public against Disinformation The University of New York in Prague is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its second online Czech-language webinar for the general public. The event will be focused on fake news and disinformation in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing global vaccination process. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a golden opportunity for purveyors of disinformation, and the emergence of viable vaccines has only accelerated the flow of fake news. Disinformation is easily presented as truth in the environment of endless online opportunities to misinform, information overload and media illiteracy. The disinformation trend has become a worldwide phenomenon which dramatically influences globalContinue Reading

Happy 600th (ok, 601st to be precise) birthday to Tabor! The charming historic town takes the name from “camp” or “encampment” in Czech and was the HQ of the radical wing of the Hussites who dreamt of an egalitarian peasant commune. Catholic and imperial armies wet their diapers for decades at the sight of their armored carriages and mighty walls standing atop the biblically named Jordan reservoir, the oldest of its kind in Central Europe. A labyrinth of hundreds of meters of interconnected tunnels, partially open to visits, protected the townspeople until the capture by King George of Poděbrady (yes, good old JZP is not only a metro stop). A Lego and Chocolate “museum” will delight the little ones beforeContinue Reading

The total net leasing activity in Q1 2021 decreased by 15% year-on-year • COVID-19 had impact on market activity with high share of renegotiations at 46% in Q1 2021 • Vacancy rate increased to 7.6% • Share of immediately available space for sublease increased by 15% q-o-q • Shift from speculative construction to pre-leased backed more common among developers • Planned supply for 2021 is the lowest since 2016 • Five office projects commenced construction during Q1 2021 • The prime rent stays between 22.00 and 22.50 EUR/sq m/month The Prague Research Forum is pleased to announce the office market figures for the first quarter of 2021. The members of the Prague Research Forum – CBRE, Colliers International, Cushman &Continue Reading

Czech Railways ordered 20 new long-distance trains for 12.5 billion crowns from the Sienes Mobility and Škoda Transportation consortium. Supply will consist of 180 vehicles with a capacity of 555 places and a maximum operating speed of 230 km / h. The last farewell with the owner of PPF, Peter Kellner, occurred last weekend. This was reported without details by Board of Directors member Vladimir Mlnarzh. Kellner died as a result of a helicopter crash in Alaska at the end of March. From April 12th, zoos open throughout the Czech Republic. Track the number of visitors on HN reported that Minister of Industry Karel Havlicek believes that parliamentary parties are close to agreeing on a new tax on solarContinue Reading


I used to make it a point to try and make someone smile every day. Whether it was helping a lost grandma, giving someone a big tip, making a joke in a bad situation or driving a random person to the other side of town with their IKEA purchase, the goal was very fulfilling and ended up with some beautiful romances, great friends and a clean conscience. The Prague Lions and the Prague Monitor are continuing their partnership in the #supportyourlocal campaign. Raising money to buy some food from our local restaurant sponsors and deliver it to people who need a happy moment. Last Friday, we delivered 100 pizzas and Gyros to Motol hospital staff in a surprise lunch breakContinue Reading


The Prague Monitor joined forces with American Football Team Prague Lions to say thank you to those on the front lines of our epidemic battle. The article in Monday’s newspaper outlined our mission. For those not wanting to click through: We are joining the #supportyourlocal campaign to raise money, order a tower of yummy food, and deliver it to our front line workers at hospitals and medical facilities, so they can see and feel some appreciation from us common folk. This week’s campaign targeted a big THANK YOU! Lunch for Friday, March 12th at Motol Hospital.  We have raised 19,000 Crowns out of the targeted 32,500Crowns (The difference was requested by donors to be spread throughout the three-week campaign) soContinue Reading


It is a difficult time for everyone. Whether the difficulties include not seeing one’s family for over a year and a half, losing someone to a deadly virus, or being shocked with government interventions: everyone has been affected in some way. The broad range of challenges brought upon a global society has highlighted the ineffectiveness of governments, lack of acceptance of responsibility, the sheer intelligence of our modern society to know better than the experts, the rise to prominence of Fake News, and the almost sadly entertaining crazies that have a platform the world over. Oh, and a fear moat which begins with each person as an individual, and spreads through to understanding the anxieties of each generation. The PragueContinue Reading


The past year has been a bruiser for most and this week has been no exception. With the virus slowly creeping around us, one-by-one our friends and family test positive. We have been lucky to have avoided the inevitable, and continue to error on the side of caution, but the numbers are starting to work against us, COVID virgins. The week started off with a Sunday plunk. Not just any plunk. I took my sons out for a walk by the river and the younger one decided to go for a swim. The river water is much higher than average so they had to resort to finding smaller stones and launching them into the river from the stairs,  with myContinue Reading