The economic innovation driven by the 27 member states of the European Union has helped advance previously tarnished economies, and help build the platform for solvent democracies. In the last few years, economic changes regarding corporation tax have shown both the good and the ugly side of EU leaders, as the European Commission battles with tax talks between EU member nations and OECD operatives.  Some countries in the EU have been decreasing their corporate tax rates in recent years. These decreases are becoming more and more attractive for various large tech giants. Countries such as Irelands, Malta, Hungary, and Luxembourg have been battling vetoes brought forth from the EU Commission housed in Brussels.  While these countries are remaining complacent withContinue Reading

The American business ecosystem has undergone plenty of challenges and changes over the last few years. Every few years, new federal administration tips the scales of the business market, bringing in new policies, jurisdictions, and tax regulations. Although these have helped, and also created demise for a lot of business owners, the American business landscape still remains one of the most attractive for a host of entrepreneurs from various corners of the globe.  In recent years, the American government has pushed for the improvement and ease of access for European entrepreneurs into the US capital market. Implementing new plans of action, and bringing to life the Inc. Plan has seen massive success for a host of European small businesses. WhatContinue Reading

Starting any business is no easy task, and you can ask just about any startup entrepreneur. In the current economic climate, with ever-changing social and technological trends surfacing each year – business owners and startup entrepreneurs are constantly looking to which area is the best fit for their new business idea.  Those entrepreneurs and business owners who are willing to take the leap, and start a business on foreign grounds have been faced with a difficult question, which is better for starting a business: Europe or the United States? Both these continents offer some of the best capital gains, and successful business growth for new startups, but the ultimate conclusion will boil down to what each has to offer forContinue Reading

New models of business are making it easier and more convenient for European business owners and entrepreneurs to move their businesses across borders. Although the EU offers some very attractive business initiatives backed by the EU Commission and member states, the changing business market and buyer trends are placing more focus on making use of online resources.  A look into the latest online resources revealed a host of support from both private and public (governmental) entities. The current economic climate in the 21st century has pushed all boundaries, making it commonplace for business owners and entrepreneurs to find success and peace of mind in these 7 top online resources.  Here’s a look at some of the top 7 online resourcesContinue Reading

The #SupportYourLocal campaign provides meals to frontline workers while also supporting local restaurants and businesses as they fight to stay open in the midst of this pandemic.  Back in April 2020, Zach Harrod, the head coach of the Prague Lions American football team, came up with the idea after being inspired by a similar campaign put on by a club in Germany.  Hundreds of portions of food have already been delivered in several rounds since the beginning of the campaign, giving the staff in the covid departments some much needed energy and encouragement.  Meals have been delivered to the Institute of Social Services in Prague 4, the covid department at Bulovka Hospital , and especially the covid department at MotolContinue Reading

Launched on 19 May with a Public Dialogue on youth ‘Generation #Insta’, the VM will continue withevents and discussions till June 29th, closing out 63 online events in 42 days. The Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed region officially started on May19th, the initiative was designed to promote the Intercultural Dialogue as the way to build sustainablesocieties in the Euro-Mediterranean Region, in times when rethinking our development models becamemore urgent due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The constructive approach at the base of the projectmaterializes in a series of activities of the ALF civil society Network and partner organizations, associatedwith a series of Weekly Public Virtual Dialogues, all to be held till 29 June for a totalContinue Reading

The most recent listing of the world’s top brands provided by Forbes (2020) listed 5 tech companies at the top (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook) with Coca Cola in the 6th position as the first consumer goods company.  Coke’s value was a whopping 64.4 billion USD.  The listing suggests that the brand alone, without a single bottle of cola, has this value.  Even more staggering is that Apple’s value is more than 241 billion.  That doesn’t count one iPad in their warehouse. While few Czech brands appear on these global listings, the market has developed significantly over the last 10 to 15 years and Czech companies put more emphasis on, not only creating good products and brands, but ensuringContinue Reading

The students of art universities in Prague united and created a new digital gallery Vyšeart which was launched on 5th of May 2021 and will last until 31st of August 2021. Vyšeart connects 28 students of various art fields who created 14 pairs where 1 musician and 1 visual artist collaborate with each other. Each pair made one piece of art which consisted of musical aspects and visual art. The final artworks are displayed in the park of The National Cultural Monument Vyšehrad. Visitors of Vyšeart discover the artworks with their own smartphone and through QR codes which are installed in the park. The project is supported by The Borough of Prague 2, The National Cultural Monument Vyšehrad, HAMU, UMPRUM,Continue Reading

Prague. 20th of May 2021. Tétris, the leading international designer and fit-out provider of office, industrial and retail space, belonging to the portfolio of the real estate consulting company JLL, has promoted Tomáš Pfeifer to the position of Creative Director for the EMEA region. “In his new position Tomáš will lead projects across our design studios in EMEA region. He will identify creative interior design approach for our exclusive clients and create conceptual space where people can live better. He will also focus on innovations, trends and strategies supporting clients decisions and local design teams. His promotion to the key international position is appreciation and recognition for Czech branch of Tétris,” explains Lucie Loudová, director of Tétris in the CzechContinue Reading

Set in the aftermath of the Cold War, it is difficult for Andy to know who he can trust. LONDON, UK: Olympia Publishers announces the release of B.V. Mays’ newbook, thriller and spy adventure, CONTRACTOR. Based on real events, this Cold War adventurestory is set in Poland and post-Soviet Union Russia. B.V. Mays’ stories are based on twenty years of experience in Eastern Europe. Living there at atime of economic and political transition, he was a senior executive for several multi-nationals anddid contract work out of the US Embassy in Warsaw, Poland. He divides his time now betweenEurope and the United States. ( Womaniser, Andy Gold, is an American living in Poland who has taken on ‘spy work’ for theContinue Reading