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Weekend plan: Tabor – Bechyně History & Nature

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Happy 600th (ok, 601st to be precise) birthday to Tabor! The charming historic town takes the name from “camp” or “encampment” in Czech and was the HQ of the radical wing of the Hussites who dreamt of an egalitarian peasant commune. Catholic and imperial armies wet their diapers for decades at the sight of their armored carriages and mighty walls standing atop the biblically named Jordan reservoir, the oldest of its kind in Central Europe. A labyrinth of hundreds of meters of interconnected tunnels, partially open to visits, protected the townspeople until the capture by King George of Poděbrady (yes, good old JZP is not only a metro stop). A Lego and Chocolate “museum” will delight the little ones before venturing to the most rewarding part of the day , a hike along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela following the scenic Lužnice river.

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Ancient water mills, placid bends, lush forests and cute wooden cottages are truly remarkable, topped by a sequence of gothic castles’ ruins like Přiběnice and Dobronice. Stadlecky bridge is the only imperial times chain bridge surviving in the country , moved here in the 70s from its original Vltava crossing function when Orlice dam was built . The 30-km trail is best split in 2 portions since mountain biking is wonderful but not allowed in some sections. The reward is Bechyně , the capital of South Bohemian Region until 1776, dominated by the Renaissance mansion of Rožmberks. . The return to Tabor is a delight for engineering fans, on board the tiny train Along the first electric railway in the Austria-Hungarian empire. One more reason to celebrate the adventure with a craft brewery visit 😛 We have a Hike & Meet trip there next Saturday 1 May, let us know if you are interested to get any info 🙂

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Hike & Meet trip there this Saturday 1 May :

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Pictures and article courtesy of Daniele Toniolo

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