Weekly swap from 13th to 19th September in the Prague market in Holešovice Prague, September 7, 2021 – Are your closets brimming over but you are still convinced you have nothing to wear? Don’t want to spend much money on clothes? If you like to be supertrendy but at the same time you care about the environment and the impact of fast fashion on the climate, we have a solution for you: a new trend, the so-called swap (exchange of things). Come to the Prague Holešovice Market from 13th to 19th September and explore the First Sustainable Mall: Weekly Swap! In Hall No. 17 you will find goods of high quality verified by the previous owners. You can get clothes,Continue Reading

Art is closer than you think! More than forty marvelous and fantastic artists from around the Czech Republic will gather in one place and show Prague their masterpieces. Of course, the pop-up event will last only a couple of days, so make sure to save the date.  Let’s see what J&T Banka Art Index Pop-up has prepared for us this weekend!  Concept ‘One house, four days, six apartments, and more than forty artists,’ says the event’s slogan. Art unites people, and the event is just vivid proof of that!   After two years, the second edition of the successful J&T Banka Art Index Pop-up exhibition returns to Prague. It will present the best of what is currently being created in the studios of theContinue Reading

The Ice cream festival is one of the gems of Prague life & its culture! Usually, it takes place in the last week of August, symbolizing the last weekend of hot summer and the beginning of the beautiful and colorful autumn season. Discover the chilliest fest this week with us! Czech this out As you might guess from the name, the Ice Cream festival is devoted to people who love this chilly refreshment on a hot summer day. Interestingly, the fest has been in operation since 2015, and, so far, it is the largest festival of its kind in Central Europe!  We are so proud of the organizers and their success over the past six years: plenty of healthy andContinue Reading

The National Museum gets a lot of attention and rightfully so, but did you know Prague has its own museum of public transport? This month the museum is celebrating 29 years since opening to the public. The museum is located in a tram depot from 1909 which is on its own listed as a technical monument, making the entire visit even better. You can see a unique collection of historic trams, trolley buses, Tatra buses or wagons from the old metros. You can learn about how public transport technology has developed and changed over the years, and all around the museum there are panels mapping the evolution of public transport in Prague for the last 140 years. You can alsoContinue Reading

The birth of nations has historically come in regional clusters. An empire falls, an ideology accelerates, or an economic success allows some to marvel in philosophy. Prior to, during and after WWI, all of the factors were taking place in Central and Eastern Europe and as war dragged on, the question of nations built on languages and national identities found support. Sadly, these amazingly difficult and liberating times have always laid in the shadows of the atrocities committed during the follow-up war, WWII. It took until the fall of the Soviet Union for much of the world to realize that there are great civilizations, countries and ancient empires hidden behind the great walls and iron curtains erected under the flagContinue Reading

The 1st BCC (British Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic) Car Rally, a business event, will be organised and conducted in full accordance with the Czech government’s pandemic measures valid as of 28 May 2021. You can be sure to have an overall great and fun experience, including extensive business networking at the same time. We are planning for the participation of up to 50 vehicles, to include British cars and motorbikes from all eras up to 2021 as well as any other marques and models pre-1995, even German and French ones. We reserve the right to assess the suitability of all vehicles participating, so we recommend that you submit your applications as soon as possible. https://www.britishchamber.cz/events/car-rally-2021/ KEY DETAILS – WHAT TOContinue Reading

Happy 600th (ok, 601st to be precise) birthday to Tabor! The charming historic town takes the name from “camp” or “encampment” in Czech and was the HQ of the radical wing of the Hussites who dreamt of an egalitarian peasant commune. Catholic and imperial armies wet their diapers for decades at the sight of their armored carriages and mighty walls standing atop the biblically named Jordan reservoir, the oldest of its kind in Central Europe. A labyrinth of hundreds of meters of interconnected tunnels, partially open to visits, protected the townspeople until the capture by King George of Poděbrady (yes, good old JZP is not only a metro stop). A Lego and Chocolate “museum” will delight the little ones beforeContinue Reading

From the baroque gems of bucolic farmlands in Kryštofovo Údolí (Christofsgrund in pre-WW2 German) climbing 600 meters towards the 70s Soviet-era sci-fi seduction of Ještěd hotel & TV tower, a rewarding hike across pine tree forests is a journey both in space and travel. The recent snow adds a magic touch to the natural park and a halo of vintage magic to the daring viaduct of the local railway, once the pride of the prosperous German-speaking community of Sudetenland. The only remaining memory, following the expulsion of the German-speaking Czechoslovak citizens, are the typical lozenges tiles decorations of delightful farmhouses and the names on the tombstones of the splendid 17th century wooden church of St Kryštof. We recommend a pleasantContinue Reading


People have always traveled, and tourism is now one of the biggest industries globally. People go to towns, beaches, or mountains for leisure and vacations. To relax and relieve stress. Europe is a destination for tourism and attracts tourists from all over the world. Europe accounts for half of the world’s international arrivals, and five out of the world’s top ten destinations are in Europe. No, today’s article is not about the two “just tourists” admiring the beauties of towns upon Avon and the White Carpathians nature park landscape. I would rather demonstrate what helps you quench travelers’ curiosity in the digital age. I know the travel plans of all people are impacted right now. But we will continue fulfillingContinue Reading