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European Website Design Trends for 2021

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Comparing the best website design trends from previous years, and in 2021 – not much has changed. The landscape of website design is ever changing, and that’s because consumer trends and needs are constantly shifting. Website developers and designers have undertaken a great challenge to help businesses and brands grow their audience, as insights have revealed that it takes about 5 milliseconds for a website to make an impression on the visitor.

But as the world wide web is ever-changing, with new features and software structures come into effect – designers are constantly looking for innovative ways to boost website traffic and keep their clients’ sites ranked higher on search engines. 

Looking at European style of design, whether it’s fashion, architecture, cars, interior, and many others – their influence has strongly been played out in the rest of the world. Their robust use of minimalism, eclecticism, and reductionism has created the very fabric of website design trends for 2021. Although it’s not to say that some of these design trends will be around for generations, their functionality has garnered massive success in the public realm. 

Here’s a look at some of the hottest website design trends originating from the European continent. 

Clean, simple, and minimal 

For years, website designers have been trying to get rid of the messy and over-crowded websites that were flooding the web in the 90s and early 2000s. Well, they’ve accomplished a lot until now, and clean, simple, and minimal websites have been trending ever since. A simple design, with minimal copy, and design elements have sparked major interest for big brands and businesses. 

One great example of this is Stretch, a Swedish design company that uses simple lines, and color to get its idea across. Although minimal, users can get around easily, and navigate the website’s homepage. Using some of the best website builders will at least give you a bit of a guideline on how to get this just right.

Minimalism used in perspective and to a degree can really add a lot of personality to a company’s brand. Keep in mind that there definitely is such a thing as too much minimalism. 

Software and Chatbots

In 2020 we saw a massive increase in the use of online chatbots and messaging pop-ups appearing on major corporate websites. The use of chatbots has eliminated the mundane task of call centers, allowing customers to find opinions and solutions to basic queries. 

Chatbots and instant messaging integration has really helped a lot of businesses mitigate unsatisfied customers. A quick fix solution to any problem, and putting customers in the driving seat – leaving customers to feel that companies are finding a universal remedy to their everyday queries. 

Bigger is better when it comes to fonts 

Leave it to Europeans to change the game when it comes to creating new and beautiful fonts. European website designers have been using innovative design techniques to come up with bigger, better, and bolder fonts for websites. Between new design trends, and website designers looking to make use of some exciting new fonts, these two elements merged to become one of the most popular trends in 2021. 

Written content on websites is briefly looked at by visitors, roughly 5.4 seconds. That’s not a lot of time to get your message across. Thus, website designers have come up with a solution – make the fonts bolder and bigger, and have the audience captivated in just a few seconds. 


A few websites and companies have played around with the use of micro-interactions, from Google, Apple, and Tesla. Microinteractions will hopefully be living up to their fullest potential in 2021. Microinteractions change the background or imagery of the website page as users hover over it. 

One website that has gotten this spot on, is MAD Digital Product Solutions based in Berlin, Germany. Their website is filled with micro-interactions, small pop-ups, links, portfolios, career tabs, and even a section where you can change their logo in real-time on their site. 

More so, these micro-interactions remove the stiffness of traditional website design, and give the overall website more authenticity, and leave a lasting impression. 

These and many other elements are driving website design trends in 2021, and as we look towards finding new and innovative ways to get users more comfortable and drive website traffic – emerging trends will have web developers and designers at the forefront of tech and software. 

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