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Music band Rybičky 48 prepared a Christmas present for their fans

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The Czech pop-punk number one, the band Rybičky 48, has prepared a great Christmas present for their fans! The band consisting of Kuba Ryba, Petr Lebeda, Ondra Štorek and Michal Brener untraditionally released a brand new video for the new single DVĚ DECI VÍNA  on December 24th. But definitely don’t expect a typical Christmas story. „Actually, it should be a light confession of an elderly womanizer, an artist who found something artistic even in making love to a woman,“said the band’s frontman Kuba Ryba. The great actors Hana Vagnerová and Michal Dlouhý, and even Michal Malátný from Chinaski for a while, appear in the main roles in the music video.

„The song was created like everyone else. I strummed at home by the fireplace and I liked certain tones, and when the first movement of the chorus jumped out, it was clear that this strumming would be a song,“ says the relatively romantic song Ryba. Experienced guitarist and producer Lukáš Chromek took care of the final form of the song.

However, the visual for the single from the workshop of the respected video filmmaker Jakub Mahdal is less romantic. „The clip does not reflect exactly what is in the text. We wanted a serious but funny plot there. I was just watching a series on Netflix, where a guy put people to sleep, killed them, and stole their money and identity. It occurred to me that the clip might be about a middle-aged guy who is secured, has everything, and his hobby is luring young women to his home, where he charms her, narcotizes her and then kills her. Such a serial killer,“ describes the plot of the non-traditional and funny love story Kuba. „But in this clip, he comes across a young beautiful girl who, on the contrary, is looking for older movable men, lets himself be invited to their house, enchants them, puts him to sleep with powder and steals. It’s probably clear to you what happens when these two naughty people meet,“ he adds with a laugh.

The role of these two mischiefs was cut by the top Czech actors – Michal Dlouhý and Hana Vagnerová. „Michal Dlouhý is my favorite theater actor and when writing the screenplay, I remembered the play The War of the Roses, where he was amazing. It was choice number one and I’m excited that he went for it. For the role of the young lady, we needed someone who plays great, is sexy and will go wonderfully with a couple with Michal,“ explains Ryba. Michal Malátný from the band Chinaski will also appear in the video for a while.

Video clip:

Next year, on October 20, the band Rybičky 48 is preparing to celebrate twenty years of existence in the form of a twice-delayed concert at Prague’s O2 arena.

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