The Transport Ministry and Czech Technical University (ČVUT) are launching a project to identify aggression and recklessness on the roads. Cameras installed inside passenger cars, buses and trucks will monitor other drivers. The recordings might even be used by police to investigate offences or crime. Czech roads will be monitored by volunteers in 10 vehicles. “We picked busy routes around the country. The cameras will be installed inside the vehicles of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences and other contractual partners. The recordings will then be evaluated by experts by the end of the year,” Zuzana Lisá from BESIP, author of the project, told Tý Acquired recordings might not be used for scientific purposes only. According to Leoš Tržil, the headContinue Reading

Leaders of the country’s most powerful political parties have disclosed their personal property holdings ahead of October’s elections. Only ODS chairman Mirek Topolánek refused HN’s request for information about his net worth. The richest party leader is Karel Schwarzenberg, chairman of TOP 09. Among Schwarzenberg’s reported properties are estates in Čimelice, Karlov, Rakovice, Hraběšín, Kutná Hora-Sedlec and many others, as well as real estate in Germany and Austria. Schwarzenberg has CZK 700,000 in the bank and roughly CZK 9 million more in other financial vehicles. ČSSD chairman Jiří Paroubek lives in a flat which belongs to his wife. He has a cottage in the country but does not own a car. The former prime minister has CZK 700,000 on hisContinue Reading

President Václav Klaus summoned political leaders to an emergency meeting today after the Constitutional Court delayed elections scheduled for next month to consider a suit by a disgruntled lawmaker. More than six months after Mirek Topolánek’s government collapsed, the court put a temporary halt to elections on 9-10 October to mull a challenge to Klaus’s dissolution of parliament and his order for an early ballot.Continue Reading

At home in London, Lisa Midwinter packs for a journey into her past; four days during which she, her son, and her granddaughter will relive her childhood experiences; four days to retrace her route out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, and to meet the man whose actions saved her life.Continue Reading