A blue upholstered wooden chair and a chrome-and-plastic barstool stand in a spartan display window under the flag that Russia-backed forces use for the land they control in Ukraine’s Donetsk region. In the adjacent window, a sign boasts in Russian of furniture from the Czech Republic above the name of the firm, Hanak, and its official logo.Continue Reading

On March 14, Andrei Konchakov arrived at Vaclav Havel International Airport on a flight from Moscow. The 34-year-old Russian had lived in the Czech capital for years, and was recently appointed director of two state-run Russian institutions in Prague, giving him diplomatic status. That much is known. Czech media, however, have reported more explosive charges.Continue Reading

Several masked individuals have attacked the Czech Embassy in Moscow after Prague authorities removed a statue of the Soviet military commander Ivan Konev. The attackers threw smoke bombs onto the embassy’s territory on April 5 and placed a banner saying Stop Fascism on the compound’s fence.Continue Reading

Czech authorities have deported four foreigners who were residing in houses used by the Russian embassy in Prague, local media reported on December 16. Police said the four were arrested last week. They were not accredited Russian diplomats and were living in the country without residence permits.Continue Reading

The mayor of a Prague district proposed building a monument to a controversial World War II military division made up of Soviet defectors. Russia objected. The mayor wrote to President Vladimir Putin to advise Russia “not to meddle.” The affair is just the latest in a series of Czech-Russian disputes over the two countries’ approaches to their history.Continue Reading

The Czech Foreign Ministry has summoned the Russian ambassador to Prague after Moscow listed a Czech nongovernmental organization as “undesirable” in Russia. Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Povejsil asked envoy Aleksandr Zmeyevsky for an explanation and voiced “concern” over the move, the ministry said on November 14.Continue Reading