The tax office of the Czech Republic became the first in what local authorities expected would be a series of national agencies to block Huawei Technologies Co. from managing critical internet infrastructure, part of a broad, U.S.-led campaign to stop the Chinese telecom giant from building the next generation of communications equipment.Continue Reading

A US military convoy arriving in the Czech Republic this weekend will encounter both warm welcomes and disdain as rival activists seek to show their opposing views regarding Moscow’s incursions into eastern Ukraine. Pavel Safr, a leading activist behind plans to greet some 500 US soldiers with friendly signs, is concerned that anti-convoy demonstrators will send the wrong message. “I’m acutely troubled by that my country could look like it’s siding with Russia,” Mr. Safr said.Continue Reading

What’s the worst performing currency so far in 2015? Not the oil-soaked Norwegian krone, or even the crisis-hit Russian ruble. Nor the swooning euro or sterling. All have been pipped to the New Year’s wooden spoon by a perhaps surprising candidate: the usually dull Czech koruna. The currency weakened by 1% against the euro on Monday following some disappointing retail sales data from the Czech Republic, taking its losses for the year so far to 2.7%.Continue Reading