Chcípl PES initiative plans to establish a political party Otevřeme Česko (Open Czechia). According to restaurateur Jiří Janeček, partnering restaurants, pubs and shops will become places for political party’s meetings, which will make them exempt from COVID-19 related measures. “It is a response to the restrictions of this government, which does not want to deal with us, it only saves itself,” Janeček stated. Janeček added that the point of the party is not to participate in the elections but rather to solve the current situation. They will organize a petition for the restaurants and stores to start conducting political activities. The restaurants can be recognized as spaces for political meetings with the citizens. According to Janeček, this would then exemptContinue Reading

On Wednesday, as many as 23 restaurants, cafés, and similar food facilities declared they’ll remain open until 10 pm in protest against the COVID-19 measures imposed on small businesses. The protest came following the change in regulations ordering the restaurants (and other food entities) to close at 8 pm from Wednesday. According to restaurant owners, they are protesting this move because they are being punished for the government’s inability to meet their epidemiological goals. At the same time, they believe that restaurants were not open for enough time to somehow negatively influence the situation. “The government has thrown pubs, bars, culture, and services overboard. The Czech Republic is not a dictatorship! From now on, we will defend our rights,” saidContinue Reading

It seems like the shops might close without getting to enjoy serving customers. If on Tuesday the PES level remains above the value of 60, the Czech Republic will come back to the fourth (red) level of danger according to PES, which will mean the return of the night curfew and closure of the restaurants, shops and other services. The PES level remained at 57 (third, orange level of danger) for 13 days, but from Saturday, it rose above 60, corresponding to the fourth degree. As of Monday, the Czech Republic is at the PES value of 64 – in the red zone, according to the Ministry of Health. Since the government has the right to tighten the measures underContinue Reading