The visionary world of architect Jan Kaplický is captured in the hugely impressive new coffee table book Jan Kaplický: Pro budoucnost a pro krásu (For the Future and for Beauty). The hefty monograph is the fruit of 10 years of work by his friend Ivan Margolius, himself also a Prague-born architect who made a life and career in the UK.Continue Reading

Finally, it seems like the end to the pandemic which has locked people in their houses for months, seems to be around the corner. The Czech Republic is expecting to begin the vaccination in January, but not everyone will be able to get the vaccines. The vaccines will first be available for healthcare workers, the elderly and patients with the diseases which put them at a high risk. The teachers might also be in the first wave of those vaccinated. “In the first months, millions of doses will not come, but tens, maybe hundreds of thousands. First of all, they are reserved for seriously ill, especially the elderly. And paramedics who provide crisis care,” said Health Minister Jan Blatný. TwoContinue Reading

Social Democrats stated that the new tax cut – the abolition of the super-gross wage – will not benefit any citizen in the Czech Republic. The new proposal, which was agreed on by the Chamber of Deputies, cuts the tax rate from 20% to 15% for low and medium-income groups. For high income groups, the tax will increase to 23%. Following the abolition, which is supposed to last two years, most of the citizens’ income will rise significantly. Therefore, if one makes 16000 CZK, his net wage would increase by 825 CZK; if 36000 -by 1845 CZK; if 80000 – by 4080 CZK. According to the calculations, the tax cut will benefit the employees who make under 140,000 CZK whileContinue Reading