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Charity – Support Your Locals

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The Prague Lions play American Football here in the Czech Republic but in addition to bringing us the game, they also are very active in charitable causes. The Support Your Locals charity drive was created to help both some struggling restaurants, as well as the men and women risking their lives on the frontlines of the health crisis.

The coronavirus crisis has brought us lots and lots of ambiguity and changes. Nevertheless, it has been an opportunity for us to come together and help those, who have put their health on the line to fight this vicious disease. That is exactly why, in the spring of 2020, the Support Your Local idea was born. Since the second wave of this disease has come to the Czech Republic, we have decided to bring this event back. We believe it is a great opportunity to make the day a little better for those on the front line, who really have a lot on their hands, often for endless hours a shift.

At the same time, it also supports the restaurants that have partnered with us. Businesses, which have come under
extreme pressure in these uneasy times.

How does Support Your Locals work?

It is very simple. In our partner restaurants, a list of which you can find at the end of this message, you can decide to pay for some top notch food for the people who serve on the front line. The restaurant will record the amount of pre-paid portions. Every fortnight, all the prepaid portions will be cooked and delivered to various healthcare facilities. That’s how easy it is. It is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. You will not only help the front-line workers, but also the restaurants, which are not exactly doing well during these times.

I am a customer; how can I take part?

In partnered restaurants, you can purchase any number of extra portions you would like, which will be cooked together with portions purchased by other customers and then delivered to the healthcare workers on the front line.
We are a restaurant/cafe/donut shop, how can we take part?

If you are the owner of any catering service, and you would like to become a part of this project, please contact us via email to [email protected]. We will set everything up for you as soon as possible. You will be added to the list of businesses, in which customers can purchase extra portions for healthcare workers on the front line.

Where can extra portions for front-line workers be purchased?

Rest – Podolské nábřeží 34/6 – Prague 4 –,

Can contribute direct to an account: 5833888369/0800 message: “prvni linie”

Or add to your order at these establishments:

FreshPoint Pizza – Československé armády 728/26 – Prague 6 –
Fresh Greek – Teronská 873/3 – Prague 6 –
Dvorek Karlín – Křižíkova 65a, 186 00 Prague 8 – Karlín

Let each of us do what he/she can.

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