Admission procedures, business meetings, but also gatherings with family members or friends. Over the last year, all of these events had at least partially moved to the online environment. And the same can be said about various entrance exams and other tests. Universities and other institutions had to suddenly face the challenges of arranging fair online entrance exams for thousands of applicants. Fortunately, the helping solution that made the situation easier for both examiners and examiners was already present. It is the way of remote supervision called AI proctoring. The main task of proctoring AI is to prevent possible test fraud. Due to the supervision abilities of these solutions, it is almost impossible for others than test participants to takeContinue Reading

By Pepper de Callier “The glory of great men should always be measured by the means they have used to acquire it.” Francois de La Rochefoucauld I find this quote especially relevant today because of the seeming instant fame wealth can bring. Rochefoucauld asks us to step back a moment, before we jump on the bandwagon of support for some people. Instead of suspending our critical thinking, we should rigorously employ it, especially if we are offering our support or association with some “great” person. Too soon the cracks can form in the foundation of a great person because of past behavior, and now, more than ever it pays to do your own research before being blindsided by someone else’s.Continue Reading

NFC chips have changed the way we interact with the world around us. They have also enabled contactless payments as well as mobile payment services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Some time ago, I wrote here about what can NFC do. Today, let’s look at some of the best uses for NFC that will impress your customers. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a set of standards that enable devices in close proximity — within a few centimeters of each other — to exchange information wirelessly. Mobile apps running on supported devices can use NFC scanning to read data from electronic tags attached to real-world objects. For example, people can scan an in-store sign to accessContinue Reading

By Pepper de Callier “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.” Anais Nin What an eloquent reminder of our humanness. Nin is describing the most basic truth that one needs to grasp in order to embrace critical thinking. This quote applies to such a broad range of topics, but especially prejudices. In my work I often encounter issues dealing with the assimilation of two, or more different business cultures after a merger or acquisition. This often represents a time of stress and tension for a variety of reasons. One culture may be viewed as lazy, while that “lazy” culture looks at the other as being arrogant and not as competent. When I work withContinue Reading

By Pepper de Callier Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world.” Arthur Schopenhauer Known to many in 19th century Germany as a “philosophical pessimist”, Schopenhauer’s work did not have much of an impact. That is, until after his death, and then his writing gained a large and influential following, including Nietzsche, Einstein, Freud, and Tolstoy. Schopenhauer’s insight into human nature is put on full display with this quote, which speaks to the limited frame of reference many have. Limited not by resources, necessarily, but by the willingness to seek input and view it with impartiality. It’s not easy to question yourself, especially, coming back to something you may have decidedContinue Reading

Digital transactions continue to rise. Over the last few years, the number of people using mobile wallets to make payments surged in Europe. And over the last two years, the value of mobile transactions doubled. Mobile payments are expected to make one-third of all point-of-sale transactions within the next two years. More people are using mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay at the present time. They are confident their financial data is secure. People are also exposed to the touted convenience of mobile payments. With the mobile wallet, people can keep their payment cards, loyalty cards, airline, train, and bus boarding passes, event tickets, discount coupons, booking confirmations, and more in a single app. And use theirContinue Reading

Ensuring fair, efficient, and reliable supervision of various online exams and tests. This is the main task of the new technology developed by the Czech companies Scio and Born Digital. The solution uses artificial intelligence to guarantee the correctness of exams and facilitates the work in the online environment for both examiners and examiners. The developed product called ScioLink is unique not only in the Czech but also in the global market. During the last and current school year, the Scio educational company had to provide the Czech National Comparative Examinations (NSZ), which replace or supplement the entrance examinations for dozens of universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in an online version. The unplanned solution had to be developedContinue Reading

Who loves to travel? I bet a lot of you do! It seems we will be free to travel again soon. Free to get on a plane or take a drive to meet a customer, or to go somewhere you have never been. But before we take off, let’s take a look at some of my favorite travel hacks. Never Check Your Bag The ones who know me would confirm that this is my absolute favorite travel hack. Seriously. Even if it might seem hard to avoid when traveling overseas or doing extended travel. Always pack your stuff wisely. Then you can avoid lost baggage nightmares. And save at least half an hour of each trip as you don’t haveContinue Reading

By Pepper de Callier “Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” Mark Twain What would a book about common sense be without a quote from the master himself, Mark Twain ne Samuel Clemens? Many remember him fondly for his ability to make seemingly absurd statements, which trigger deeper thoughts. To me, this quote is talking to those of us who take things too literally, without thinking about the source or context. As an example, misinformation on the Internet would be a good place to start. Speaking of contextual thought, I am reminded of a very funny thing that happened to me when I was speaking to someone from Eastern Europe and she had mentioned aContinue Reading

Imagine going on your first health check with your new GP. You enter the office from the waiting room, and a robot in a white coat sits behind the desk. This shiny robot will introduce itself as the most modern healthcare artificial intelligence solution, and while you are shocked and unable to react, it will start investigating your health condition. That sounds like a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? And also, that it is! Although artificial intelligence already stands as a significant help for doctors, it is still used in places other than GPs’ chairs and offices. Artificial intelligence in today’s healthcare rarely takes the form that people would probably imagine. Instead of robot bodies, it hides in a variety ofContinue Reading