The Prague Monitor has been serving up Czech news in English for almost 20 years and is known as an authoritative, respected source for just that. Cited by the BBC, Sky News, Euro News, the Monitor has a far reaching, loyal and influential readership. In 2019, the current owners acquired the digital newspaper as part of a wider media investment project in Central Europe and set about updating the underlying technology, something that had not been done in the paper’s previous history. Now, sitting on up-to-date tech, the Monitor is an efficient paper to run. Priorities Likely many things, 2020 & COVID prompted some changes and in the case of the current owners, a prioritisation into other projects and activities.Continue Reading

Perhaps more than any other film of the Czechoslovak New Wave, Vera Chytilová’s anarchic Daisies has transcended its origins and become an arthouse darling. The Criterion Collection hails it as “one of the great works of feminist cinema” and it is only one of two Czech movies to make the exalted Sight and Sound Top 250, the other being Marketa Lazarova. Over 50 years later, it still attracts attention from modern film buffs thanks to its absurd humour, zeitgeisty vibe and abundance of sixties style. Chytilová made many other films, including the popular comedy The Inheritance or Fuckoffguysgoodday, but Daisies remains her most famous work. Sometimes when a director is so closely associated with one film it is fun toContinue Reading

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Mobile marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques. It allows businesses to connect with people through their personal devices. And hence, it has a larger outreach than many other forms of media. These are a few basic tips that will help you to produce the desired results and even beginners can employ them. Be There Having a mobile marketing strategy is about people – your customers. It is about staying current with peoples’ habits. It is about how we now live our lives and have all the information at our fingertips through our mobile phones. It is about how our lives have become centered around mobile phones that are playing the role of cameras, phones, web browsers andContinue Reading


With over 16 years history as the original source of Czech News in English, the Prague Monitor has amassed over 50,000 articles and syndicated links to credible news sources bringing you the latest on the Czech Republic and surrounding areas. With this history in mind, an update was long overdue. The update has been planned in stages with as much of the up-front planning leading to the first of the migration steps now being completed, the migration of the article content, setting of new layout as well as integration with our newsletter software etc. Next, we need to go through all the content and ensure all the meta data has been set to appropriately credit the various news sources, somethingContinue Reading