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The results are in.

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Table of Contents

We closed the Monitor reader survey this past weekend and have been learning a lot as we go over the results. One reader wrote:

“Be more open to your customers. I would recommend a special page where you can talk to the editors directly.”

Great idea. The “special page” will be this blog, which we’re calling @praguemonitor. Like our reader suggested, this is a place for readers and Monitor staff to talk about the Monitor, ask questions, bounce ideas around, gripe (constructively) and give kudos (as deserved). By doing so, we hope to shed some light on how the Monitor is made every day and to pick up feedback on how we might make it better.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be addressing the main questions that the survey brought to light. Today we’ll start with a few of the more common suggestions and what we’re going to do about them. Readers said:


    • Links to other websites should go directly to the external site, not to an intermediate page first. This has been on our IT “to do” list for a while, but now it has been moved to the top.


    • RSS feeds need to be fixed. Yes they do. We’ll have them fixed shortly.


    • It should be easier to distinguish between regular and MonitorPlus articles . MonitorPlus articles will be marked with a larger icon by the end of the day.


    • Let readers comment on articles. We already implemented commenting on articles earlier this year, but the comment button isn’t very obvious. Now comments are more visible.


If you answered the survey, thanks! We’ll be posting more later this week, including the winner of the spa weekend.

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