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Prague Monitor Magazine launches next week!

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Table of Contents

The Prague Monitor is about to take another big step.

It’s an exciting time here at the Monitor. We’ve been publishing the Monitor online for over six years now, and it’s time for yet another big step: the Prague Monitor Magazine !

The concept is simple: every two weeks, we’ll take an important issue that is defining the Czech Republic today, and we’ll look beyond the headlines. Our reporters will delve into the background and provide the context and analysis to draw a more complete picture.

We’ll look at what has been, what is now and what the experts think the future might hold. You’ll come away with a better idea of the Czech Republic in 2009, and where it’s headed.

If you’ve lived here for several years, you should find these articles particularly interesting — we’re going to answer those nagging questions you’ve never quite had answered. (And we’d like to know what you’re curious about — please comment or email me with your questions).

The magazine will also have photo essays, features and interviews, as well as a few new columns and a few of your favorites from

For those readers who are not subscribers yet, I encourage you to subscribe to receive the new Prague Monitor Magazine from the start, plus all the other benefits a MonitorPlus subscription has to offer.

More soon on the new magazine — and I’m very interested to hear your questions and comments.

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