Many parents of school-aged children are either unable to aid them with distance learning, not coping well with providing such assistance, or not willing to help in the first place. Journalist Richard Samko interviewed Zuzana Ramajzlová, head of educational services at the People in Need organization, about what the situation is like for the childen in excluded localities with whom they work.Continue Reading

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the Czech Republic more than 2 500 families and individuals have called a help line run by the People in Need organization that focuses on providing aid to people in association with their problems with income and indebtedness. Recently, more and more people have begun calling the help line because they are facing disproportionate pressure from collections agents.Continue Reading

Yesterday, on the Czech state holiday called “Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day”, hundreds of people marched through Prague to protest the Government’s restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, with some estimating that more than 1 000 attended, many of whom did not wear facemasks as required. The event was organized by a group calling itself “One Common Czech Heart for Freedom” (Jedno společné české srdce za svobodu) and was monitored by several dozen police officers and members of anticonflict teams.Continue Reading

The attention of the inhabitants of the Czech Republic right now is fixed above all on how the Government has failed to control the pandemic, and it appears that Romani people and the problems associated with them are being used to distract attention away from that failure. Of course, this is a very dangerous game to play with a fear that can quite easily grow into hatred.Continue Reading

The Czech Ministry of Education is planning to adjust the conditions for financial support to pupils with special educational needs. The ministry’s draft amendment to its decree on inclusion, which is currently undergoing a commenting procedure, could deprive some groups of disabled children of the support of a teaching assistant.Continue Reading

Czech daily Hospodářské noviny (HN) reports that YouTube has restored the channel used by Czech politician Tomio Okamura after keeping it offline for one month, but has removed two videos that administrators consider to be spreading hate. Originally the social media platform shut down his entire channel, but the “Freedom and Direct Democracy” (SPD) chair appealed.Continue Reading