On Sunday, 2 August, Roma Holocaust Memorial Day will be commemorated at Lety u Písku. The relatives of the concentration camp victims will give their annual Award for Humanity to Gwendolyn Albert for her activity in the area of defending human rights, especially those of the Romani women who have been forcibly sterilized in the former Czechoslovakia and present-day Czech Republic.Continue Reading

Last year the trend continued in the Czech Republic of the dissemination of hatred no longer being the domain of “extremists” as they have traditionally been defined, but rather the domain of disinformation media outlets and populist, xenophobic groups, according to the findings of the Czech Interior Ministry.Continue Reading

The Pirates have presented the lead candidates for their lists in the Regional and Senate elections this fall. Two Romani candidates are among them. Cyril Koky, the expert official in charge of the area of national minorities for the Central Bohemian Regional Authority, and Karel Karika, the head of the St. Materna House and a vice-mayer in Ústí nad Labem.Continue Reading

The city of Ústí nad Labem and the municipality of Trmice have made it onto the map of the 20 most important events in social policy in the Czech Republic for 2019. That report is published annually by the nonprofit Institute for Social Inclusion, and the context is not very favorable: This is about introducing zones where housing benefits are not disbursed, and both territories have had this in place across the board since March 2019.Continue Reading

Leoš Machálek, a man who used the Internet to praise the terrorist attack committed in Christchurch, New Zealand last year, was given what a Czech court said was the strictest possible sentence last week of three years in prison, suspended for a probationary period of five years. The prosecutor had sought five years in prison and has appealed the length of the sentence.Continue Reading

The attitudes held about Romani people today are not just due to errors in the policies of the states they live in – while Romani people themselves are also part of the equation, an even bigger role is played by donors, ministries, nonprofit organizations, regional authorities, towns and villages. All of those entities have made it possible for those who draw funding for the integration of Romani people to do so in a corrupt way.Continue Reading

On Wednesday, 27 May, after three hours of debate, the Czech lower house decided not to strip Czech MP Karla Maříková of her immunity from prosecution for her remarks made on social media about Muslim immigrants. The Chamber of Deputies’ Immunity and Mandate Committee had previously recommended she not be stripped of immunity.Continue Reading