Czech news server Aktuálně.cz reports that the candidacy of Muy Thai boxer Ondřej Hutník in the regional elections on behalf of the ultranationalist Tricolor movement is currently being promoted by the leader of that movement, Václav Klaus, Jr. On the same day Hutník’s photograph was promoted by the Facebook page of Tricolor, the establisher of the neo-Nazi “National Resistance” (Národní odpor – NO) movement, Filip Vávra, also released a new music video.Continue Reading

The demolition of the former industrial pig farm in Lety u Písku that stands on the site of a Protectorate-era concentration camp for Romani people has been delayed by one year. The deadline for completing the new Memorial to the Holocaust of the Roma and Sinti that is meant to be created at the site will not, however, be affected by the delay.Continue Reading

Czech Government Human Rights Commissioner Helena Válková, speaking Sunday during the commemorative ceremony at Lety u Písku, expressed support for the request of Romani people in the Czech Republic to establish the position of a Czech Government Commissioner for the Romani Minority during a speech in which, among other matters, she reminded the public that currently a new Roma Integration Strategy for 2021-2030 is being drafted.Continue Reading

Facebook has threatened to close the pages of the SPD movement in the Czech Republic and those of its chair, Tomio Okamura, and Vice-Chair Radim Fiala. The SPD announced the news on 14 July and said the social media company referenced alleged violations of their rules for using the platform as the reason. Representatives of SPD reject the allegations and say that if their pages are closed down they plan to defend themselves in court.Continue Reading