Friday, 27 March 2020


Czech chair of ultra-right party now leads the "Clean Region" movement in Ústecký Region

Romea |
24 March 2020

The chair of the ultra-right Workers Social Justice Party (DSSS) in the Czech Republic, Tomáš Vandas, has become the leader of the "Clean Region" (Čistý kraj) movement in the Ústecký Region ahead of regional elections this autumn.

What chance a first female Czech prime minister or president?

Radio Prague |
9 March 2020

Women in this part of the world have had the right to vote since the first Czechoslovak Constitution was approved a century ago. However, Czechs have never had a female prime minister or president and the vast majority of the country's politicians are still men. Why is that? And how likely is change in this regard?

Time to vote Americans: Super Tuesday is coming to Czech Republic

By Brad McGregor | Prague Daily Monitor |
27 Feb 2020

Not only are US citizens living overseas able to vote in all the various US elections, when it comes to Democrats, they are also able to participate in the exciting primary process. Next week, those Americans will get their chance to go to the polls as part the Global Democrats Abroad Primary, which is held alongside 15 other state primaries on Super Tuesday—a day that usually decides the Democrats' nominee.

To serve, not steal time: promises of efficient government offices

Prague Daily Monitor |
21 Feb 2020

The Czech political parties are promising more efficient offices, mainly through digitalization. The proposed law for a faster and more effective state originally came from the Starostové a nezávislí party (STAN). Since then ANO and ČSSD have pledged to fulfill the goals of the Digital Česko plan. ODS and the Pirates also have digitalization as part of their platform.

ANO continues to be the most popular party, two January polls show

Prague Daily Monitor |
19 Feb 2020

Whether PM Andrej Babis (ANO) was attacked by the Million Moments demonstrations, accused by the European Commission of a conflict of interest in wrongfully taking European subsidies after an audit was completed, or the December investigation reopening concerning a construction project, his party continues to lead by a huge margin in polls.

Babiš: We could combine functions and cut four ministers

Prague Daily Monitor |
22 Jan 2020

PM Andrej Babiš is making clear arguments that the government has too many ministers and the country would be fine, or even better off, combining the positions into a more efficient structure. Babiš, to start, assumes that recently recalled Minister of Transportation Vladimír Kremlík will be replaced with the current Minister of Industry Karel Havlíček.

Chairman of Czech upper house of parliament dies

Reuters |
21 January 2020

Jaroslav Kubera, the chairman of the Czech upper house of parliament, died on Monday morning, the chamber's spokeswoman said. He was 72. Kubera gave a speech at his party's congress during the weekend and was not known to be suffering from a serious illness. Kubera, a long-time popular mayor of the northern spa town of Teplice known for his frank talk and common-sense approach to politics, was liked by many as well as despised by opponents.

STEM: ANO party stays ahead of the field

Prague Daily Monitor |
15 Jan 2020

The STEM December political poll came out with a common result: ANO remains by far the most popular single party in the Czech political scene. The STEM poll showed that 33.6% of decided voters would choose to vote for ANO in parliamentary elections. Klaus Jr.'s political party Tricolour had the worst result, falling to .5% of the decided voters.

Bartoš stays in charge of the Pirate Party

Prague Daily Monitor |
13 Jan 2020

Ivan Bartoš has been re-elected the Pirate Party's chairman and leader again during the party's National Forum. His two main challengers were Vojtěch Pikal and Mikuláš Ferjenčík. After accepting the win, Bartoš promised to grow the party, freedom, and digitalization.

"The only solution is political" - Million Moments for Democracy announce plans for the future

Radio Prague |
9 January 2020

Million Moments for Democracy, the anti-government protest movement that brought hundreds of thousands of Czechs onto the streets last year, has set its sights on helping traditional democratic parties opposed to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, who is under criminal investigation, win the next parliamentary elections.

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