Thursday, 3 December 2020


Czech politician pays 'heavy price' for Taiwan visit

Transitions Online/Aktualne |
24 November 2020

Not content just to woo Czech politicians with words and investments, Beijing also seeks to influence the Czech media through local intermediaries.

Trump should quit and 'not be embarrassing', Czech president says

Reuters |
20 November 2020

Donald Trump would be wiser to acknowledge losing the U.S. presidential election and quit, Czech President Milos Zeman, an early Trump supporter, said on Thursday. "I personally believe that it would be much more reasonable to give up, not to be embarrassing, and allow the new president to take office," he said.

Czech think tank mulls Taiwan office for next year

Focus Taiwan |
13 November 2020

The European Values Center for Security Policy, a Czech Republic think tank renowned for its study of information related to China and Russia, is considering the possibility of opening an office in Taiwan.

Tsai congratulates Vystrčil on re-election

Focus Taiwan |
13 November 2020

President Tsai Ing-wen tweeted her congratulations to Czech Senate President Miloš Vystrčil late Wednesday, after he was re-elected to the position in a nearly unanimous vote earlier that day. Vystrčil, who has served as president of Czechia's upper legislative chamber since Feb. 19, was re-elected Wednesday with support from 73 out of 77 senators.

Czech leaders congratulate Joe Biden on historic US election win |
9 November 2020

During a hotly-contested election in which votes are still being counted, news agencies including AP, CNN, and Fox News have called the 2020 United States election for Joe Biden over incumbent Donald Trump early Saturday evening. Leaders from around the world have taken the opportunity to congratulate Biden on the historic win. "The support you received is a call by the American citizens for change," wrote Czech President Miloš Zeman.

Jan Blatný becomes the new minister of health

Prague Daily Monitor |
30 Oct 2020

After the scandal which erupted earlier this month, Roman Prymula was removed from the position of the health minister. His successor is Jan Blatný, who previously served as deputy head of the University Hospital in Brno and specialises in paediatric haematology. He was appointed on Thursday. "Politics is an extremely cruel affair, and a politician who is a minister is exposed to attacks that a scientist cannot even imagine. I told you that you are moving from the park to the jungle, I admire your courage and I appreciate it," President Zeman commented about Blatný's appointment.

ODS, KDU-CSL and TOP 09 plan coalition party for 2021 elections

Brno Daily |
29 October 2020

On Tuesday, three Czech opposition parties – national-conservative ODS, Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) and centre-right TOP 09 signed a joint memorandum on cooperation and announced the plan to form a coalition for the 2021 national parliamentary election.

Republicans Overseas CR leader: Nobody gave Trump a chance in 2016 either

Radio Prague |
27 October 2020

Roger Johnson is head of the Czech branch of Republicans Overseas, the international organisation of the US political party. With the very closely watched 2020 elections almost upon us, Radio Prague's Ian Willoughby asked Johnson about the work of Republicans Overseas and how he views President Trump's chances of upsetting the polls.

Opposition MP to help create new government website explaining Covid-19 restrictions

Radio Prague |
27 October 2020

After criticizing the way in which Covid-19 restrictions are being presented to the public, the Czech Republic's youngest MP, Dominik Feri, has announced that he will work with the government to launch a new website that will clearly communicate and explain current and future anti-coronavirus measures.

Prymula is ready to resign, after all

Prague Daily Monitor |
26 Oct 2020

The Minister of Health, Roman Prymula, who was caught violating COVID-19 related measures last week, announced that he might resign today. Prymula stated on Czech Television that he will leave once the successor is chosen.

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