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Petr Pavel is Trusted by 58% of Czechs. Only 25% of the Population Trust the Government.

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President Petr Pavel has the support of 58% of the population. This level of trust has not changed since the previous poll in April and May. Conversely, trust in other constitutional entities has experienced decline, particularly in the case of the government and the House of Commons. Both have witnessed a seven-percentage-point decrease, now standing at 25%. The public’s highest trust continues to be vested in mayors and municipal councils. These findings emerge from a survey released today by the Centre for Public Opinion Research (CVVM).

Pavel’s trust ratings surpass those of his predecessor. Throughout most of Miloš Zeman’s second presidential term, the portion of people placing trust in the head of state consistently lingered below 50%. By mid-2022, this trust had plummeted even further, resting below 30%. Although experiencing subsequent growth, the level of trust peaked at 38% before Zeman’s departure—a pinnacle reached at the intersection of the preceding and current years.

Trust in the government had sustained levels above 30% since last November, yet a noticeable decline has transpired more recently. A parallel trend is observable with the House of Commons. The Senate’s trust has contracted by two percentage points, now resting at 36%. Similarly, confidence in governors has receded by the same margin, landing at 43%. Trust in regional councils has experienced a more substantial drop of six percentage points, reaching 42%.

Unchanging in its consistency, mayors and municipal councils remain the most trusted entities, with trust levels consistently surpassing 60%. Presently, municipal councils garner trust from 62% of respondents, although this represents a marginal four-percentage-point decrease from the preceding survey. Mayors’ trust has diminished by two percentage points, settling at 65%.

Satisfaction with the Czech Republic’s political landscape stands at 15%, marking a decline of two percentage points. “Consequently, the assessment of the political situation continues to deviate from the norm observed between 2014 and 2020, with only two brief exceptions in 2017 and 2018 tied to governmental crises or post-Chamber of Deputies election government formation issues. Over the long term, contentment with the present political landscape remains significantly elevated compared to 2012 and 2013,” as conveyed by the CVVM.

The survey, encompassing responses from 929 participants, was conducted between May 26 and July 24.



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