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Prague Will Be Ours Again, Says Russian Propogandist on State TV

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While the Russian army continues to defend its positions in the Donbas, a year and a half since the onset of the Ukrainian invasion, Russian media is already discussing the possibility of expanding Russian territory deep into Central Europe. On Russian television, propagandist Nikolai Vavilov recently asserted that the envisioned revitalized Russian empire should encompass cities like Prague and Berlin.

Vavilov stated, “Our influence will continue to grow, paralleling the historical significance of the Russian empire. I was utterly serious when I mentioned in our previous program that cities such as Berlin, Dresden, Prague, and Ljubljana will ultimately fall under our control. This isn’t without reason. Think about it: our entry into Paris in 1815, Berlin in 1945, and the late 18th-century events were all part of a pattern. Russia stands as the largest European country, an immense force.”

Vavilov’s statements seemed to amuse even the hosts and guests of the Pervyi Kanal TV discussion show he appeared on. Despite his insistence on the sincerity of his assertions, some present, including the show’s host Olga Skabeyeva, couldn’t help but react with slight amusement as they listened to his words. Skabeyeva, wearing a faint smile, inquired, “Why did we always withdraw? Why were our victories not sustained?”

Undeterred, Vavilov continued his impassioned speech, proclaiming, “True victory will be achieved when we stand in Kiev.” His fervent address seemed to gloss over Skabeyeva’s comment as he shifted focus to lament the removal of recent Soviet symbols from the colossal Motherland statue in the Ukrainian capital.



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