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Political scientist: PM Babiš is on a downward trend that he will find it hard to change

Radio Prague |
20 October 2020

A recent poll by Behavio showed that close to 70 percent of Czechs say the government failed in its response to the pandemic or have serious reservations to the steps taken. Is the coronavirus crisis changing the Czech political landscape – and will the ruling parties pay the ultimate price? Political scientist Jiří Pehe shares his view.

Prague-based world head of Democrats Abroad: Our votes could win White House

Radio Prague |
20 October 2020

Few in the Czech Republic will be watching the US presidential and congressional elections on November 3 as closely as Julia Bryan. Bryan – a long-time Prague resident – is the international chair of Democrats Abroad, the party's official organisation for the millions of Americans resident outside the country.

Taiwanese president touts strong Taiwan-Czech friendship, emphasizes shared values

Focus Taiwan |
13 October 2020

President Tsai Ing-wen on Monday lauded the strong friendship between Taiwan and the Czech Republic. "Taiwan and the Czech Republic are partners with shared values. We believe in freedom, equality, transparency, human rights and good governance," Tsai said in a video speech prerecorded for the 24th Forum 2000 Conference.

Mayors and Independents take most seats in 2020 Senate elections

Radio Prague |
12 October 2020

The Mayors and Independents party has won 11 seats in the 2020 elections into the Czech Senate, the most of all parties. The Civic Democrats came in second, securing six senators, followed by the Christian Democrats who came in third with three winners in the senate elections. TOP 09 and Senator 21 both won two seats in the upper house. The ruling ANO party, as well as the Pirate Party, both secured one senator.

Czech regional elections confirm steady slide of traditional left, rise of the Pirates

Radio Prague |
5 October 2020

Although Prime Minister Andrej Babiš's ANO party won this weekend's regional assembly election and placed first in 10 out of 13 regions, one more than in 2016, it again did not win enough in most to secure the majority of regional governorships.

ANO wins regional elections

By Stanislav Press | Prague Daily Monitor |
5 Oct 2020

The ANO party led by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš won the regional assembly elections with more than 22% of the overall votes. The Czech Statistics Office said that with ballots from almost 100% of polling stations counted, the ANO won 10 out of 13 contested regions. The opposition Pirate Party came second with around 12% of the votes. The ANO's junior government coalition partner, Social Democrats, garnered less than 5%, as much as the Communist party.

Pehe: Protest leader's move into politics reflects opposition's lack of threat to Babiš

Radio Prague |
30 September 2020

Remember the demonstrations against PM Andrej Babiš that drew hundreds of thousands of people in Prague last year? The young leader of the organisers of those protests has just quit, with a view to launching a party that would contest general elections next year.

Vojtěch resigns, Prymula becomes minister of health

By Irina Nikolaeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
22 Sep 2020

The Health Minister Adam Vojtěch announced his resignation yesterday. He will be replaced by epidemiologist and former director of the Hradec Králove University Hospital Roman Prymula. President Miloš Zeman already agreed with the decision. Vojtěch announced his resignation saying is willing to give space to the new solutions for the containment of Covid-19. Last Thursday, the number of infected people exceeded 3000 cases.

YouTube restores Czech politician's channel but deletes two posts that spread hate

Romea |
17 September 2020

Czech daily Hospodářské noviny (HN) reports that YouTube has restored the channel used by Czech politician Tomio Okamura after keeping it offline for one month, but has removed two videos that administrators consider to be spreading hate. Originally the social media platform shut down his entire channel, but the "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) chair appealed.

Regional candidate for newest Czech party featured in music video by infamous establisher of neo-Nazi movement

Romea |
17 September 2020

Czech news server Aktuálně.cz reports that the candidacy of Muy Thai boxer Ondřej Hutník in the regional elections on behalf of the ultranationalist Tricolor movement is currently being promoted by the leader of that movement, Václav Klaus, Jr. On the same day Hutník's photograph was promoted by the Facebook page of Tricolor, the establisher of the neo-Nazi "National Resistance" (Národní odpor - NO) movement, Filip Vávra, also released a new music video.

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