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Czech Foreign Ministry alarmed by mass arrests at Moscow protest

By Ruth Frankova | Radio Prague |
5 August 2019

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs is alarmed by the repeated mass arrests of demonstrators in Moscow. Riot police in the Russian capital arrested some 600 people on Saturday in an attempt to suppress a protest rally that had been banned by authorities. The ministry has called on Russian authorities to respect basic rights and freedoms and fulfil their obligations ensuing from Russia’s membership in OSCE.

Deputy to take interim charge of arts portfolio as Staněk finally goes

Radio Prague |
1 August 2019

Months after tendering his resignation, Antonín Staněk finally stepped down as arts minister on Wednesday. He will be replaced in a temporary capacity by a deputy minister, though what will happen next at the Ministry of Culture remains most unclear.

Czech president fires minister, still foot-dragging on replacement

Reuters |
30 July 2019

Czech President Miloš Zeman dismissed the culture minister on Monday after two months of delay that brought the ruling coalition to the brink of collapse. Zeman has so far not said whether he would appoint the Social Democrats' chosen successor to the ministry, Michal Šmarda.

Why is the Czech government in crisis and will it collapse?

Al Jazeera |
30 July 2019

Corruption allegations target PM but immediate risk to government eases as coalition partner withdraws serious threat.

Former culture minister joins Czech Government Human Rights Council

26 July 2019

Deník N reports that former Czech Culture Minister Daniel Herman (KDU-ČSL) has joined the Czech Government Human Rights Council. His nomination, which was proposed by Human Rights Commissioner Helena Válková (ANO), was approved by the cabinet on Monday.

Czech gov't spat over minister drags on, president to decide on post in August

Reuters |
25 July 2019

Czech President Miloš Zeman will decide in August on whether to accept the Social Democrats' preferred pick for culture minister, a personnel move at the heart of a dispute rattling the ruling coalition.

China's political interference in Czech Republic back in focus |
25 July 2019

Political interference by China is now essentially a global phenomenon. In the Czech Republic, relations with Beijing are institutionalised in the 17 plus 1 framework and bilateral agreements. Their real impact is difficult to assess but they have already pitted the country's president against many other politicians and the public.

Czech senators say president violated country's constitution

AP |
25 July 2019

The upper house of the Czech Parliament has voted to bring charges against President Milos Zeman for allegedly violating the constitution. The Senate, which is controlled by the opposition, voted 48-20 Wednesday to file the charges at the Constitutional Court. Zeman denies wrongdoing. A three-fifths majority in Parliament's lower house would also have to approve the Senate's request for the court to deal with the case.

Commentary: Czech President spouts reassuring nonsense to ultra-nationalists

Romea |
19 July 2019

Czech President Miloš Zeman has distinguished himself yet again. In the greeting he gave recently to the "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) movement's program conference, he assured the members that they are not extremists, but "radicals".

Junior ruling party sets ultimatum for staying in cabinet

Bloomberg |
16 July 2019

The Social Democrats set a final condition for staying in the government, prolonging a political crisis that has brought the ruling coalition to the brink of collapse. The party said Monday it will leave the minority cabinet unless President Milos Zeman appoints their nominee for culture minister. A potential coalition breakup would be a blow for PM Andrej Babis. But the departure of his junior partner wouldn't automatically trigger early elections.

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